Nightmare Fuel / Homefront

It's a game about war, so there's bound to be some sort of nightmare fuel involved. Homefront takes it Up to Eleven.

  • The opening level has you forcibly conscripted into the Korean People's Army and then put on a bus where you're forced to drive past the KPA cracking down on what appears to be a public school. Children are separated from their family at gunpoint and parents are gunned down in front of their children while people are packed off for transport to labor camps.
    • The parents gunned down in front of their children is especially horrifying. A mother begs her child not to watch. The Koreans fire. The kid hesitates just long enough to make it clear that they are just processing what is happening before letting out a heartbreaking scream. The Korean soldiers then just walk away like nothing happened. More than anything else, it is the utter callousness of the action that is the most horrifying part.
    • That callousness part? The frightening thing about this is that it is realistic and accurate of the way North Korea and the great and powerful leader, immortal forever ruler of Koria Kim Jong Ill/Un force and brainwash their people into believing. It's fair to say that Homefront would be seen as positive propaganda and what North Korea would love to do, or at least be taught to love to do, if given half a chance.
  • A neighborhood of Americans tries to drive you out, afraid you're going to draw the KPA down on them. After you agree to leave and do so peacefully, the KPA rolls in and starts randomly butchering civilians.
  • The re-education camp is horrific enough by itself, showing children re-indoctrinated and semi-brainwashed people staring vacantly forward. Only for it to become much much much worse when you see the KPA has killed all of its prisoners and dumped them into a mass grave.
    • Hell, the mass grave period. You have to hide amongst the bodies in order to escape the KPA.
  • If the mass graves weren't bad enough. Once players stumbled upon the Crazy Survivalist camp later in the game, prepare to see lynched Korean soldiers, rotting heads on a pike, and impaled prisoners ala Vlad The Impaler. just to name a few.
  • Three words: White Phosphorous Misfire. And if Spec Ops: The Line is anything to go by, you know how grave of a mistake it can be.
    • To elaborate, everything was going just fine out in front of the abandoned computer store turned fuel depot, the first volley of White Phosphorus was burning the Korean soldiers alive, and all was fine... at least until Hopper yells "Oh shit! MISFIRE! MISFIRE!". You then look up and see all of those missiles coming towards you. You and Rhianna jump off the roof, narrowly missing the blast, and now you, barely clinging to life, have to run past your slowly burning colleagues and a ton of fire, all the while Hopper is pleading to you that he is sorry about the misfire. It's terrifying, no matter how many times you'll play it.
    • It seems even worse for Hopper. He was manning the mortar, and at that moment he doesn't know whether or not anyone is left alive in there. Hearing him plead over the radio for someone, anyone, to answer him is unsettling.
  • The aftermath of the slaughter of the Rebel homebase. It's especially horrific because while Boone's body is held up as an example for the rebels, the base was explicitly shown to have a large number of children hiding there. Their bodies are shown in enough amounts to show they were massacred in addition to the rebels.
  • The Survivalists are no less wretched than the KPA, having degenerated into psychopathic, paranoid killers who no longer care if you are Korean or American, everybody to them is a legitimate target. Their camp has the bodies and dismembered remains of murdered KPA soldiers put on display upon stakes to scare off intruders as testament to their savagery.