Tear Jerker / Homefront

  • In the opening introduction's bus ride, which doubles as both horror and TearJerker worthy, Jacobs watches a mother and father put up against a wall with two Korean MPs preparing to shoot them ... with their child being forced to watch. The mother begs her child not to look right before they are shot in the head. The MPs then walk off, leaving the child to scream and cry over his parents' corpses. All the more reason for you to start blowing their heads off when you get the chance.
  • The Heroic Sacrifice of Goliath. The single most useful member of the resistance. Strapped with tons of C4, it goes out with a hell of a bang.
  • The White Phosphorus misfire that kills many of your own guys. It's more Nightmare Fuel though.
  • Boone's death. Made all the more distressing when you realize that, in the position he was in, the Koreans forced him to watch as the Koreans executed everyone in Oasis before finally killing him.
  • Connor's death. With the Koreans fast approaching just as the US Army prepares its final push into San Francisco, he throws caution to the wind and demands the Air Force fire everything they got on his position as he marks the KPA forces for destruction. Rianna's frantic calls for Connor to respond play over the triumphant American forces finally taking the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The KPA utterly destroying Montrose in direct response to the raid on the weapons depot. The same one you were tasked were capturing the night before. The panicked screams of the city's civilians as helicopters and bombers zoom overhead does not help in the slightest.
  • The entire fucking premise. Literally the entirety of the game treats you to the utter decay and downfall of the United States, with the cities choked with abandoned cars, failed businesses, starving and tortured civilians constantly under threat of KPA reprisal raids, mass graves, and just about any sign of a once unified nation now barely a whisper of its former self as the KPA enforces their genocidal will upon what remains of the country.