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Korea deliberately made the Flu
  • The effectiveness of the Flu as a bioweapon cannot be discounted.

China is most likely the The Man Behind the Man behind the events relating to Homefront
The Chinese actually the nation behind North Korea from the start as a revenge against America for its economic woes. It then contacted the North Koreans to unite the south and conquer most of South East Asia for them, defeat Japan (particuarly as revenge in regards to the Second Sino-Japanese War), and so while China is still licking its wounds from the economic downturn, can seize Taiwan and attack India. Really, it's just outsourcing the North Koreans for the job of destroying America.
  • This theory is very unlikely, the developer team originally did have the Chinese as the Big Bad of the game, but seeing the Friendly Enemy relationship between United States and fear of pissing off the Chinese Culture Police, the team scrap that idea.
  • If not China them it would be Russia.

Iran may be partially involved in the Korean invasion on United States
Remember the part of the timeline that says Iran and Saudi Arabia fought a nuclear war? Iran won this one and conquered the Middle East so they could blackmail the Europeans in not intervening in the Korean-American war.
  • Also note Truth in Television, both North Korea and Iran are very close allies to each other and they share common goals despite having different political and social ideologies. Both have very controversial nuclear programs that his highly condemned by the international community, both do not recognize the state of Israel, and both countries want revenge (particularly the United States) and their nearby neighbors and are willing aid each other to achieve their revenge. Iran wants to seek revenge on Israel and Saudi Arabia, and North Korea wants revenge on Japan. Iran is willing to help North Korea to achieve their revenge and vice versa. Oh, and did I mention that Iran also hates Japan because Japan is a close ally to the United States. And when the Greater Korean Republic invaded United States, they most likely nuked the Mississippi River not just to prevent United States trying to come to aid the western side of the country, but most likely saving the eastern half of the United States for Iranian takeover.

Despite Korean propaganda, The Greater Korean Republic most likely invaded Japan as revenge for the Japanese occupation of their homeland in the past rather than protecting their Korean citizens and those with Korean ancestry around the world
It is most likely the Korean claims of their own people in Japan being attacked and discriminated by the Japanese population and authorities are most likely fabricated. Korea did suffered under Japanese rule for over 40 years until the end of World War II. During the years of Japan's occupation in Korea, the Japanese not only tried to eliminate the Korean culture, but also committed massive genocide against the population. That, along with the controversy of Japan denying their crimes against Korea, it is most likely the Koreans in both North and South Korea have developed a lot of personal hostility and hatred towards Japan to the point that they want to kill 1,000 Japanese for every Korean killed during the Japanese occupation. When Kim Jong-Un manages to reunite North and South Korea, he takes this opportunity to quickly build up the Korean military so they can invade Japan out of sheer revenge. [It is most likely that every single Japanese are dead by the time when the Greater Korean Republic invaded United States judging by the treatment of the occupied local American population.
  • It's also possible that The Greater Korean Republic is actually sticking to their "protection of people of Korean ancestry worldwide" policy. It is just that the Greater Korean Republic intends to kill every local population in the countries they occupied and colonize them with their own people. It is also likely that the Greater Korean Republic fears that the local population may intend to hurt any Korean in the local area. But in general, the main reason why the Koreans are killing entire local populations in their occupied areas so that they can Take Over the World and "have the world for themselves." And it is implied in-game that Koreans have superior technology so the Greater Korean Republic most likely have master human cloning for military invasions and colonization. After all, there is a racist element involved in the North Korean ideology. Note the Ironic Echo being involved here with Japan.