Nightmare Fuel / Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni

Wow, Ryukishi07 has done it again. He created a series that has managed to be darker than his previous works. Most of these entries so far are in the first story and expect this list to grow.

  • First things first, Marie's "supplementary lessons", which involve her getting molested by her teacher. Talk about Fan Disservice.
  • Marie's face when she thinks of becoming a Youkai to get back at all those who mistreat her.
    "If I...Become a Youkai!!! I'd chew them like a candy...CHEW AND BREAK THEM INTO A SLOPPY MESS AND KILL THEM!!!"
  • The first meeting with Higanbana: After being disappointed that Marie isn't Mesomeso-san just yet, Higanbana tests her resolve by turning her into a doll and snapping her head off.
  • This scene in the beginning of Chapter 1? Marie's death scene. After threatening Kanamori to expose the "supplementary lessons", he decides to kill her by strangling her. Soon after that he decides that he should become MESOMESO-san instead of Marie and develops a God-complex.
  • Kanamori's Death Scene and the first official appearance of Marie as Mesomeso. He had it coming and deserved his fate, but it is still very brutal.
  • Nonomiya's encounter with the Principal in the alley. Whenever he turns away from the Principal, he's always there in every alleyway that Nonomiya is at. And he knows his name and class. And he intends to eat him.
  • The Principal suddenly appearing and devouring Yoko's soul.
  • Midori's face after when she remade the contract with the Black Tea Gentleman and goes back into her fake reality is particularly jarring.