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Nightmare Fuel: Boy Meets World
  • Boy Meets World season 6 had the appropriately-named "The Psychotic Episode". As if the main plot of Cory having nightmares in which he kills Shawn wasn't bad enough, the subplot with Eric's new roommate could be stretched out into a full horror movie! The man keeps the corpses of his mother, uncle, grandmother and pet parrot around and makes them talk! Plus, it's implied he killed all his other roommates.
  • The flashback to Rachel accidentally destroying her stuffed rabbit in the garbage disposal is a bit unsettling.
  • The tarantula in the Honeymoon episode can be unsettling to arachnophobes
  • The twist to "And Then There Was Shawn": the killer was Shawn himself... trying to get Cory and Topanga back together (since he feels them breaking up was his fault).

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