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Riley Matthews will be taught by Mr. Feeny.
William Daniels has been confirmed to be in Girl Meets World. Exactly how much of it he will be in is unknown. Might be Jossed as Corey will be her History Teacher.

Girl meets World will have Generation Xerox Characters.
Riley will be like her father Corey, Maya Fox will be a female Shawn hence the last name Fox to Shawn's Hunter Though her surname seems to be changed to Hart. Elliott will be like his uncle Eric. One of the male students possible Shamus Farkle will be like Topanga and a possible love interest to Riley. Pretty much confirmed by Maya's actress in regards to Maya and possibly Riley.
  • Riley also has a cousin, Troy Matthews, who may fit into the "Eric" role, assuming he's Eric's son (or maybe Morgan just kept her maiden name).
    • Half jossed as we got this set of Xeroxing:
      • Riley Matthews = Cory Matthews
      • Maya Hart = Shawn Hunter
      • Lucas Friar = Topanga L. Matthews
      • Farkle Minkus = Stuart Minkus

Topanga's sister was murdered.
Nebula died violently and the resulting trauma triggered poor Topanga's rapid personality shift, as she decided to abandon her granola girl tendencies in favor of her big sister's more traditional teenage-girl personality traits. Her hippie parents also rejected their counter-culture roots in an attempt to cope, a road which eventually led them to divorce. These events are too painful for Topanga and her family to speak of, so everyone has reached an unspoken agreement to pretend that poor Nebula never even existed.
  • ...holy shit, that would actually make for one hell of an awesome darkfic AU.

Morgan's personality change when she switched actresses is due to being confined to her room for several months
Her appearance could be as well with the hardship being cooped up made her grow a bit faster giving her the mindset and appearances of someone slightly older. making her more snide and sarcastic as well.

Cory has secretly been trying to get Topanga to gain weight.

Cory prefers a fuller figured girl but he's still deeply in love with Topanga. He can't bring himself to admit his preferences, in case she takes it the wrong way and gets offended, so he decides to simply start guiding her towards gaining weight. In "She's Having My Baby Back Ribs!" (and note the title), we see that he offers to make her "usual" breakfast, which is apparently a plate full of waffles soaking in syrup and topped with butter. That's apparently what he makes for her, for her to eat in bed, every morning. Coupled with the utter lack of hesitation in his voice when he tells her that he loves her no matter how big she might get, suggests that not only does he not mind her being overweight, he loves it!

Shawn Hunter came out of the closet about his crossdressing after the episode Chick Like Me 4-15.
Think about it. He was clearly in the closet about his desire to crossdress up until that episode. He actually admits to Topanga and Cory that he has "thought about this" (crossdressing) before. He's thought about it often enough to have a preferred female identity, that of "Veronica". And he has already perfected the female walk, with his only explanation being that "Girls are my area. I like girls." So we know that he wants to crossdress, and that this article gives him the perfect opportunity to try it and then either pass it off as a favour to a friend that scored him a lot of brownie points with the girls of his High School...or to take this opportunity to come out to everybody in the school newspaper.

How do I know that he came out and continued crossdressing? Well, even though we never see him crossdress on screen again, there is another episode of Boy Meets World about crossdressing. What A Drag! features Shawn's older (long-lost, half-)brother Jack and Cory's older brother Eric, having antagonised a psychotic local thug, decide to evade him long enough to at least finish their exams by passing themselves off as women for the duration. Who do they immediately turn to for help and advice on how to be women? An actual woman, perhaps? Nope! They go straight to Shawn, who tutors them in "finding your own inner woman".

Later, when Jack goes back to dressing like a man, he over-exaggerates everything male about himself. Shawn actually points out how much less secure in his masculinity Jack must be if passing as a woman caused such a strong reaction. He even seems relatively unphased when Eric also decides to continue crossdressing.

Feeny's neighbor on the other side was Wilson.
From Home Improvement. Come on, they're both strangely smart neighbors who are constantly giving advice over their fence. What if they traded notes with each other? Better yet, what if every piece of advice one of them ever gave was just parroted from the other? This is the stuff I think about at 1 AM.
  • Yeah, it is possible that Feeny's house is right on the little known border of Pennsylvania and Michigan.
    • You do realize that Cory's university accommodation has a portal in the closet that leads to a world of black and white thirties noir detective stories, right? A border between Pennsylvania and Michigan with a person's house right next to either side of it is not exactly far-fetched for either show.
The series will be eventually remade with Paul Giamanti as Mr. Feeny
  • Both played John Adams
  • Like the original This version will be peppered with references to Giamanti's movies. Most notably Big Fat Liar. a notable reference will involve cory accidentally dying Mr. Feeny blue.

Girl Meets World will be part of the DCLAU.
Hey, one episode of the original series had the cast transported to 1941, and another featured a coven of witches plotting to use Jack's apartment to gain immortality. (Incidentally, both episodes had an appearance by Sabrina the Teenage Witch.) What's to say they'd share the same universe as psychics and wizards?
  • The former did not feature an appearance from Sabrina but Salem does appear throughout it.
  • Could also explain why the characters' aging process is abnormal throughout the series.
  • Confirmed by the 2015 Halloween Massive Multiplayer Crossover.

The last one and a half seasons are a Dying Dream of Chet Hunter.
This explains why the last season is Denser and Wackier and why Topanga's father changes actors during a story arc.

Shawn has other half siblings besides Jack
In an early episode it's stated Shawn had a sister. Shawn calls a kid from the trailer park his half brother in the third season. Chet Hunter had been with a lot of women, so it's more than likely Shawn had other siblings and the ones we heard about had a falling out or passed away.

Eric's real father is Chet Hunter
Going with the "other siblings theory" above, Chet Hunter was, in high school, dating a young Amy Matthews, who got pregnant. Naturally, Chet took off, and Amy's best friend Alan stepped up to take care of her, fell in love with her, and raised the child, Eric, as his own. This explains why Eric is sometimes treated as The Unfavourite, why the Matthews and Hunter families felt awkward at Thanksgiving, and why Jack and Eric have such a strong bond. Also, Will Friedle looks more like Rider Strong than Ben Savage, and quite a bit more like Blake Clark than William Russ, to the point where I've seen people watching for the first time mistake Eric and Shawn for brothers.
  • Great theory! It also explains why Eric and Jack bonded so quickly. Where does Jack's mother fit into this though? Did the show ever mention the exact age difference between Eric and Jack? Did Chet cheat on Jack's mother with Amy? Did he leave Amy for her? Did he just move on quickly?
    • Eric is 8 months older than Jack.
      • OP here. Chet never seemed like the best guy anyway. There's a good chance he ran out on Amy and got with another woman, and got her pregnant around the time Eric was born. Hence Jack. Not to mention, he abandoned Shawn and Jack, so it's not entirely implausible that Chet would do it again. As well, the Matthews wanted Cory to hang out with Shawn, even though Shawn was trouble. Maybe because they wanted Eric to have a relationship with both his brothers
The show takes place in The Sims 3 universe
This explains why some characters age faster and why back stories change. It's the player who makes things up and tends to be inconsistent.

The black girl we see in Cory and Shawn's class in the first four seasons is Angela
Other than the main protagonists and Minkus from the first season we never get to know the other classmates and they're Out of Focus. We see a black girl in the background who could've been Angela, but she and Shawn just never hit it off until later on. Angela's actress was a case of Dawson Casting, hence why she never had any lines until season five.

The inconsistencies are because the show is the memories of the characters.
Cory and Topanga are telling their children stories of their childhood prior to their births. This explains Broad Strokes, why the show gets Denser and Wackier, continuity errors, the occasional Big-Lipped Alligator Moment during the credits, and why some characters change actors. A lot of autobiographies tend to change details here and there. The narrator skipped over freshmen and sophomore year of high school because there were no significant events of their lives that happened then.

In Girl Meets World Riley Matthews love interest will be Harvey Keiner's son.
This will give some closer to the secondary characters in the previous series.
  • And it'll either result in great comedy or serious drama.

Mr. Turner ended up in a wheelchair.
In his last appearance he was in a bike accident and ended up in a coma. We don't see him again until the graduation episode and even then he's off screen. Since he was in an accident, it's possible that he was paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Jossed. He appears in the Girl Meets World episode "Girl Meets The New Teacher" and he's just fine.

The show takes place in the same universe as Sonic the Hedgehog and every other TGIF Show.
This says it all. They also take place in the same universe as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since they made a cameo in an early issue of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • One problem: The TV show and Comic Sabrinas are two different things.

The real-life Adam Goldberg worked on the show, at least in the early seasons.
The knowledge of Philadelphia suburban locations presented in the show during the early seasons is extensive enough that the LA screenwriters had to have had a local helping them behind the scenes. There's also the fact that before being Flanderized into a Cloudcuckoolander, Eric's characterization pretty much resembles what Adam presents Barry as in his own show.

the Lily Nicksay Morgan Matthews regenerated into her Lindsay Ridgeway incarnation with the help of the Doctor.
We know that regeneration can be achieved through non biological means in the Whoniverse. Obviously, the Matthews family had an encounter with the Doctor, in the course of which the Lily Nicksay Morgan was gravely injured and, to save Morgan's life, the Doctor placed Morgan into the regeneration machinery in his TARDIS and Morgan regenerated into her Lindsay Ridgeway incarnation. That's why the Second Morgan talks about "the longest time out i ever had" - it was to deal with post-regeneration trauma.

Stuart Minkus was written out due to Executive Meddling.
From the GMW WMG: Michael Jacobs had something like Farkle's Season 2 arc in mind for Minkus senior, but ABC execs in The '90s saw him as an Urkel expy and Urkel had recently been a popular breakout character so insisted he Follow the Leader or at least not tone him down. So Jacobs wrote him out.

Shawn's birth mother died.
In the season 2 episode: By Hook or by Crook, Shawn's Uncle Mike says "I just wish your mother was alive to see this." Shawn thinks that he's talking about Virna, but he could have been talking about his birth mother. Perhaps this is why Shawn could not find her upon finding out that Virna was not his birth mother, she probably died and her body was never identified. Or Uncle Mike assumed she died after not hearing from or about her in some time.