Nightmare Fuel / Animal Kingdom

  • The beginning of the film. Joshua's mother's death, followed by the arrival of Smurf and the ominous music playing over the opening titles, really set the tone for what follows.
  • Pope Cody is walking nightmare fuel.
    • His interactions with Nicky. The scene where he takes an unconscious to bed is unbearably tense and creepy, and Joshua's arrival and diffusion of the situation really does nothing to ease this.
    • Naturally, his murder of Nicky as well. He suffocates her for basically nothing, while a high, panicked Darren watches on helplessly. Even worse, this probably wouldn't have happened if Darren hadn't told J to dump her.
    • His general demeanor is very unsettling, between his unpredictable, animalistic body language and the eerily hollow look in his eyes. It becomes quite apparent that he doesn't have the same kind of brain as most people.