Trivia / Animal Kingdom

     Australian Movie 
  • You Look Familiar: This may be said of some of the stars.
    • Guy Pearce is a movie and TV veteran with movies like Iron Man 3, L.A. Confidential, Prometheus, The Hurt Locker and The King's Speech under his belt plus an Emmy and countless nominations. His TV career started in Australia as one of the new members of the Neighbours cast in 1986, when it moved to Network Ten, lasting until 1989.
    • Sullivan Stapleton would, after the movie won critical acclaim, later make his mark in Hollywood (thanks to 300: Rise of an Empire, Strike Back and now on the NBC hit drama Blindspot).
    • Ben Mendelsohn, also another TV and movie veteran, appears today on Bloodline. His 30-year long career has a ton of both movie and TV apperances in Australia and abroad.
    • This may be the same case for Joel Edgerton, who is also a veteran actor on both movie and TV. He appeared in 2 of the 3 StarWars prequel movies. His 2015 film, The Gift (his first as a movie director) would later earn him more acclaim.

     US Television adaptation 
  • You Look Familiar: This is virtually the same case with
    • Shawn Hatosy - seen before on TNT's Southland (his first big TV break) and Reckless on CBS, also has many movie and TV appearances since 1995
    • Finn Cole - plays Michael Gray on Peaky Blinders
    • Ben Robson - Earl Karl in Vikings
    • Jake Weary - was on As the World Turns before
    • Scott Speedman - played Ben Covington on Felicity which gave him 4 Teen Choice Awards nominations
    • For fans of Ellen Barkin who knew her from movies like Diner and many others plus several TV movies (resulting in 6 award nominations and 3 award wins) plus her guest and recurring TV appearances, this is her first major TV lead role in 15 years.
    • C. Thomas Howell, well known in The Outsiders, Red Dawn and countless other movies, also has an active TV career. Fans of Southland would known him as one of the officers.
  • Fake American: Virtually this for Finn Cole (J) and Ben Robson (Craig), both British actors, plus British-Canadian Scott Speedman (Baz).