Nightmare Fuel / Act of Valor

  • The ice cream truck bombing at the beginning. What really seals the deal is that, right before the scene cuts to black, a child comes running from behind the corner screaming, looking bloodied and severely burnt. Thankfully, you don't get to see the kid or the aftermath of the blast in much more detail.
  • Morales being tortured by the narco-traffickers. The beatings are bad enough, but then we see the drill. And implied electric torture and possibly rape, if the bed she is tied to when the SEALs reach her is any indication.
  • Miller's interrogation of Christo is terrifying psychological Nightmare Fuel. Miller is being polite and friendly the entire time, and Christo knows he's in deep shit and is trying to remain cool and calm, right up until Miller gets pissed. Then Miller goes right back to being polite and friendly, and lays out the painful truth to Christo that he will never see his family again, because he'll be in prison for the rest of his life. You can see the pain and fear in Christo's eyes as he contemplates this.
  • Speaking as someone who has actually lost a family member in the military, the last few scenes are horrifying.