YMMV / Act of Valor

  • Alternate Aesop Interpretation: "Being a Navy SEAL is badass" is the intended message. Yet with an outcome of roughly half the team becoming casualties in the film's 1- to 6-week span, including one guy losing his eye, one guy getting shot repeatedly and sustaining major injuries, and one guy dying and leaving behind a widow expecting a child, another moral that can be gleaned is "Being a Navy SEAL is going to hurt. A LOT."
    • To reinforce the alternate aesop, the list of SEALs who "made the ultimate sacrifice" since The War on Terror started at the end of the movie is shockingly long for people who have been elevated as nigh-invincible.
  • Critical Dissonance: The film received mostly negative reviews from critics. However, audiences loved it, as it earned an "A" grade from Cinemascore. Indeed, the film opened at #1, earning $24.5 million during its opening weekend, and it eventually made $81.3 million worldwide ($70 million from the U.S. alone) against a budget of only about $12 million (about how much Relativity paid to buy the film).
  • Dancing Bear: Much of the hype about the film was that it featured active-duty Navy SEALs in the lead roles.