Needs More Love: Real Life

  • Space programs in general. People living in space 24/7! Robots on the surface of other worlds! Yes, there are more exciting things in SF, but these things are cooler because they happen to be real.
  • Cryonics.
  • The word "iff". A very useful term meaning "if and only if", doomed to disuse because it would be pronounced the same as if. ( even has the pronunciation as "if and only if"!)
    • Also, gender neutral pronouns and the rule that male pronouns CAN be used for gender neutral cases. Long since fallen from disuse notably in English.
  • Weapons other than the AR-15 in tactical shooting events.
    • Cowboy action shooting events.
  • Red pandas. How adorable can one animal possibly be? Just do a Google Images search and try to say you don't want to hug one.
  • Granny panties. They make women look more mature and they're more comfortable because they cover more.
  • Every single human being that never had a grasp of fame (except for evil ones), see, even this fellow troper can tell everyone that you are worth living, you are not alone and you need more love.