Mythology Gag / Web Comics

  • Ansem Retort has occasional Mythology Gags to its sources, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, and occasionally Star Wars.
    Sora: I wanna fuse with a talking dog! No, now wait! I wanna fuse with a pantsless duck! Wait, wait...a talking dog AND a pantsless duck!
  • MS Paint Adventures is made of Mythology Gags. Problem Sleuth has lots of Shout Outs to Jail Break, and Homestuck in turn references Problem Sleuth quite a bit, along with many of Andrew Hussie's other works. Dr. Brinner even gets a nod!
  • There are quite a few references to the main Walkyverse in Dumbing of Age (basically a High School A.U. to the Walkyverse). Amongst other things, there's Monkey Master and Dexter, a cartoon starring the two villains of It's Walky!
  • Brawl in the Family has a reference here to this strip's Alt Text.
  • In Raruto Sisepuede, a parody of Naruto Shippuden, Chochimarunote  just quits being evil and leaves the lair, after which Kabutopsnote  ragequits. Now Saskenote  needs to feed Chochimaru's dog and can't find the fodder, so he asks the members of The Heavynote  for help, but they self-appoint themselves as Saske's teammates. When Saske tells them Chochimaru's gone, they jump to the conclusion that Saske killed him, just as a journalist passes by. Cue Gossip Evolution: just a few hours later, everyone in the ninja world thinks everything about Chochimaru's death and the forming of the Heavy went just as in Naruto.
  • Dragon Ball Multiverse:
    • Someone allowed Sun Wukong to compete in this tournament. No one is safe. Luckily, Tenshinhan looked like Buddha. Guess who eventually defeated the Monkey King in Journey to the West?
    • During U18 Pan's fight with U13 Kakorot, a gag occurs that goes back to the original series. When Kakorot grabs Pan so she can't use the Kamehameha, she simply directs it out of her feet - something only done before with Goku during the 23rd Budokai Tenkaichi.
    • In Chapter 22, Dabura expresses his approval of Beelzebub, saying he'd like to have a son like that; in Sand Land, Beelzebub's father Satan (Lucifer in the Viz translation) looks exactly like, and is even implied to be, Dabura.