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Not actually Jake Gyllenhall, Wolverine, Charles Manson, and Bam Margera.

CKY is either an Alternative Rock or an Alternative Metal group whose roots date back to 1992. They are known for utilizing unique sounding distortion and heavy rift based songs. The band currently consists of singer/guitarist Deron Miller, lead guitarist Chad I. Ginsberg, drummer Jess Margera, and live bassist Matty J.

Two of its key members met in high school in West Chester, PA: 14 year old Jess Margera (brother of Bam Margera) and 16 year-old Deron Miller. Years later in 1995 they started a Sci-Fi Death Metal band called Foreign Objects, producing an impressive sounding 5 song EP. Eventually they started a more radio friendly project called Oil.

The two began recording new material in January 1997, which would be released months later as their self-titled second EP cassette (referred to as the Gold Tape), limited to 500 copies. Oil continued on through November 1997, when they started recording their first official album (which would later become CKY's Volume 1). It was during these recording sessions where they met engineer / producer Chad Ginsburg. Chad was attracted to Oil's song "Disengage the Simulator," and was asked to join the band as a second guitarist. This addition is the true beginning of CKY.

By 1998, with a concrete writing core of Chad Ginsburg, Jess Margera, Deron Miller, and their live bassist Ryan Bruni, Oil dissolved. Sitting around a pizza place in West Chester, Deron came up with Camp Kill Yourself as the new band name, the new direction, the new movement. No more mainstream and no more pop appeal. Camp Kill Yourself finished writing and recording their first album as a group. The album, titled Volume 1, was released on February 27, 1999. The same day, they released an unofficial compilation album titled Volume 2; the CD contained demos, B Sides, and prank phone calls, serving as a soundtrack album for Jess' brother's first skate video.

That June, preparing to play the 2000 Warped Tour, Chad recruited their fourth live bassist, Vernon Zaborowski, who would be their most concrete bass player to date. During the tour, the band put out their first EP, Disengage the Simulator, which was limited to 2,000 copies. Starting that October, CKY's music appeared on the hit MTV show Jackass generating a flood of new fans. The show also featured band members themselves on certain episodes.

They are still going strong, having recently released their fourth studio album.

The group is also known for their "Ask CKY" section of their website which features over 10,000 questions from fans answered by the group as well as being very approachable honest people offstage.

The band has examples of the following tropes:

  • Early-Bird Cameo: In some early CKY videos, demos of future songs (i.e. "Sporadic Movement," "Flesh Into Gear" note ) appeared in the background of bits.
    • In the documentary of the making of Haggard, during the final section on Brandon Novak's drug troubles, Deron is shown performing an instrumental on an acoustic guitar... Which was released several years later on An Answer Can Be Found as "Behind the Screams."
  • One of Us: Singer / Guitarist Deron Miller is well known as a lover of horror movies, slashers in particular. He appeared on Bravo's 100 Scariest Movie Moments to talk about a few of his favorites.
  • The Other Darrin: The group has gone through more bassists than Spinal Tab has drummers! It is currently on its sixth bass player, Matty J. now that Matt Deis is no longer able to play with the band. The others include (In chronological order) Drew, Andy Smith, Ryan Bruni, Vernon Zaborowski, Matt Deis, and Matty J. Only Deis has appeared on any of their albums note .