Music / Bohren & der Club of Gore

Bohren & Der Club of Gore is a German Ambient/Jazz band from Nordrhein-Westfalen. Started in 1992 by Thorsten Benning, Morten Gass, Robin Rodenberg and Reiner Henseleit, the music was described by the band as an "unholy ambient mixture of slow jazz ballads, Black Sabbath doom and down tuned Autopsy sounds."

In practice, Bohren's music is dark, brooding, and often difficult to follow. They swing back and forth between "ambient" and "jazz," creating a musical sound that can be difficult to describe.


  • Gore Motel (1992)
  • Midnight Radio (1995)
  • Sunset Mission (2000)
  • Black Earth (2002)
  • Geisterfaust (2005)
  • Dolores (2008)

Bohren und der Club of Gore provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Covers Always Lie: The name, combined with the bizarre choice of covers, would lead you to believe this is a black metal band.
  • Epic Rocking: Most of their songs.
  • Film Noir: Their primary aesthetic influence. Black Earth and Sunset Mission in particular sound like the background music for a Private Eye Monologue.
  • Instrumental: All of their songs.
  • Genre-Busting: Dark jazz, slowcore, drone, and just a hint of black metal.
  • Slowcore: Probably one of the weirder examples.