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Manga: Tista

I am just searching for the Lord, just a poor soldier bending a bow in the service of the Lord's kingdom. This mission alone affirms me.

Tista is a 2007 Endou Tatsuya manga.

Tista Ruon is a painfully shy, awkward church-going girl that dreams of being a teacher some day. At night, she's Sister Militia, an assassin who kills criminals for the church. She has a special feature in her eyes in that she can spot a target from miles away, and each shot is sure to take only one bullet to be fatal. During the day, she is nervous around Arty, a third-year Jerk with a Heart of Gold artist. Between protecting her Secret Identity and killing criminals, Tista has been busy.

The story is neatly contained in two volumes.

Tropes in the manga:

Time Stranger KyokoMangaTogari

alternative title(s): Tista
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