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Manga: Owari To Hajimari No Miles
The two main characters, Miles and Gikaku. Yes, yes, they do look good together.

Owari To Hajimari No Miles is the latest work of Mohiro Kitoh.

It follows the adventures of Miles, a spirit medium, and Gikaku, a rather light-hearted god of destruction. They live in the Sky Ring (or Orbis Vanus), a large archipel of floating islands, in which objects infused with spirit in the Small World (or Mundus Parvus) incarnate. Miles and other spirit mediums have the responsibility to manage these spirit objects as they go through their life cycle, from the Small World to their toaster heaven.

Being a Mohiro Kitoh work, one can expect in the future lots and lots of angst, but none has shown up yet.

This manga provides examples of:

  • Beautiful Dreamer: Gikaku deactivated Miles' alarm clock for the sole purpose of this.
  • Floating Continent: And even an ocean, though it didn't show up in the manga yet.
  • The Rival: The soft-spoken (but perverted) Kionona.

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alternative title(s): Owari To Hajimari No Miles
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