[[caption-width-right:300: The two main characters, Miles and Gikaku. Yes, yes, they do look good together.]]

''Owari to Hajimari no Miles'' is a manga by Creator/MohiroKitoh.

It follows the adventures of Miles, a spirit medium, and Gikaku, a rather light-hearted god of destruction. They live in the Sky Ring (or Orbis Vanus), a large [[FloatingContinent archipelago of floating islands,]] in which objects infused with spirit in the Small World (or Mundus Parvus) incarnate. Miles and other spirit mediums have the responsibility to manage these spirit objects as they go through their life cycle, from the Small World to their machine heaven.

Despite its intriguing premise, the series ended with no plot resolution in 2010. Now that the magazine carrying it has ceased publication, it seems quite unlikely to be continued.
!! This manga provides examples of:
* AnachronismStew: The spirit objects come from all different time periods, though most are from the 20th century.
* BeautifulDreamer: Gikaku deactivated Miles' alarm clock for the sole purpose of this.
* BigEater: Miles
* CoolBoat: Gikaku is the spirit form of the Japanese battleship ''Nagato''.
* CoolPlane: Plenty, as is par for the course in a Kitoh manga.
* CutShort: It abruptly ends a few chapters after the first volume with no plot resolution.
* DirtyCommunists: None actually show up, but it's repeatedly mentioned that the Soviet red star is a "symbol of evil"
* EagleLand: The American spirit who appears late in the manga's run is a clear Type 2.
* FloatingContinent: And even an ocean, though it didn't show up in the manga.
* GratuitousLatin: Each chapter has a Latin subtitle.
* LighterAndSofter: Compared to Kitoh's previous work.
* MilitaryMoe: The characters aren't actually in the military, but the heavy emphasis on military vehicles (such as the Kawanishi [=N1K=] "Rex" fighter plane the protagonists use to get around) puts it firmly in this genre.
* TheRival: The soft-spoken (but perverted) Kionona.
* RoboSexual: If Gikaku is considered to be a "sentient machine", then Miles's relationship with him is this. It's apparently a standard practice for Spirit Mediums.
* {{Seinen}}
* WidgetSeries: It's about a world where machines go after they die, and the people who look after them there. It qualifies for sure.
* WorldInTheSky