Manga / Dogby Walks Alone

An original English-language manga by Wes Abbott and published by Tokyopop, Dogby Walks Alone tells the story of Dogby, The Voiceless mascot of Happyplace, a Disney-esque theme park. One crowded day, all hell breaks loose when many of the park's mascots organize an armed assault stealing a week's worth of ticket money, as well as the murder of Princess, Dogby's former lover. With the help of Snack Girl, he has to solve both crimes, with many a Shout-Out along the way.

The second volume has Dogby heading to Alaska, having left Happyplace at the end of the first volume, having to rescue a small town from a Russian criminal regime, calling in the help of Squad B, a group of People in Rubber Suits who do mercenary work on the side. Also, he fights a Kodiak bear.

A third volume was planned, but then Tokyopop shut down.

This manga provides examples of::