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Roll to Dodge
Roll to Dodge is a free-form role-playing game (usually played over forum or IRC) designed to have simple enough rules that anyone can jump in and start playing immediately. The rules are simple; each player submits an action, and the GM rolls a six-sided die to determine the result of each player's efforts. There are six levels of success, depending on the number rolled:

[1]-Epic Fail. The action was not performed, and backfired horribly.

[2]-Fail. Nothing happened.

[3]-Partial Success. The exact degree of success is established by the GM.

[4]-Success. The action was carried out adequately.

[5]-Epic Success. The action succeeded in the most positive way possible.

[6]-Overshot. Though the result was achieved, the action backfires horribly due to disproportionately large effort.

Various forums across the internet dedicated to hosting games of RTD have popped up, but the most active is still the RTD board on the Bay12 Forums. Of course, we have our own game running right here on the TV Tropes Forum!

List of Roll to Dodge games with trope pages:

RotworldNeeds Wiki Magic LoveROSE Online

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