Palm-Fist Tap


Sometimes when a character has an Idea Bulb moment, he may reflect it by holding one hand (usually the left) out and tapping the palm with the other fist.

Often the action is accompanied by a sound effect: a "bop" or a "bing". The Japanese onomatopoeia for the drum is oberobero. Anime producers often use the sound of a tsuzumi drum hit.

Compare Idea Bulb and Beam of Enlightenment.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • Here is an example from Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts, the sound effect having been translated "bam". And apparently the onomatopoeia for the drum is oberobero.
  • The Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st Tribute Comics which doubled as advertisements for the four Nanoha manga running at the time of the movie release has Subaru doing this in the Lyrical Almanac section when she was pitching ideas for the StrikerS movie. ("Erio and Caro's Meeting - The First Touch!")
  • Seen every now and then in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi. As shown in the picture, Akisame-sensei takes Kenichi's request for a day off and figures that it's been a while since anyone else has had a vacation anyway.
  • Haruhi in the first episode/chapter of Ouran High School Host Club, upon coming up with a word to describe Tamaki: "I got it...Obnoxious!"
  • Naruto occasionally.
  • Tomoki does this in one episode of Heaven's Lost Property. The accompanying sound effect dragged on for a few drum beats instead of just one.
  • Done sometimes in One Piece.

     Live Action Television  


     Video Games  

  • Pantsman of VG Cats fame does this during his rant about SOPA as a gesture to rally behind his cause...only to find out the fight's over before he could even start it. He does one more deflated fist tap at the end with a quiet Precision F-Strike.

     Real Life  

  • Western politicians sometimes do this to drive a point home during their debates. (It's questionable whether they're actually realizing something when they do it more likely they want to signal to the audience that they should be realizing something because of what the politician just told them.)