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Kids Versus Adults
In the aftermath, it was learned that Superintendent Chalmers drew first blood.
When the "generation gap" turns into rivalry or all-out war between children and adults.

Often goes hand-in-hand with Adults Are Useless. See also Teenage Wasteland.


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  • This was a pretty common trope in children's advertising during the early to mid-1990s (examples are Frosted Mini Wheats, Hi-C, and even one anti-smoking PSA from 1992/93).

  • Battle Royale 2 goes down this road.
    • It also occurred in the backstory of the original.
  • Children of the Corn film series is an endless parade of cultist children killing adults.
  • While it's only two adults and two children, Little Sweetheart is a prime example. Two bank robber criminals vs. two blackmailing, stalking, thieving little girls.
  • The 1968 film Wild in the Streets has the voting age lowered to 14; the 24-year-old rock star subsequently elected president then has everyone over 30 put in re-education camps.
    • The film ends on a punchline suggesting a Full-Circle Revolution when the young president pisses off a couple of 7-year-olds.


    Live Action TV 

    Western Animation 
  • Codename: Kids Next Door has this as the premise.
  • The Musical Episode of The Fairly OddParents, "School's Out", has this as a major song, as, how do you say, adults ruin everything.
  • Happens now and again in Recess.
  • An episode of The Simpsons had the adults enforcing a curfew, and the kids rebelling against it by broadcasting all the adults' dirty secrets. Subverted in that, during the grand finale song-and-dance number, the elderly got in on the fight and won, forcing everyone under 50 to adhere to the curfew, allowing them free roam of the streets.
  • Some South Park episodes have this.

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