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He's Okay
A common situation that in some ways is the opposite of He's Dead, Jim. A character is knocked out in a fight, or otherwise injured. Another character says that the first character is okay. It always turns out that the second character is right about this, regardless of not having any medical training, and regardless of whether the injury really could be easily survived. (For the trope about the injury itself rather than about characters' seeming ability to diagnose it, see Only a Flesh Wound.)

This can also happen when a character says that he himself is okay and turns out to be correct. (If the character is wrong about it, there are other tropes; see I Can Still Fight and Zombie Infectee.)


Anime and Manga
  • Done many times in CLANNAD by Tomoya, oftentimes after Sunohara has incited the wrath of one of the girls. A few examples include when Sunohara was kicked down a dust chute, when he attacked Tomoyo in his room, and when Mei worried about him during the baseball game.

  • Subverted in Monty Python and the Holy Grail during the "Bring Out Your Dead" scene: the man insists he's not sick and he's feeling better, but he still gets knocked out via a shovel to the face. Subverted again in Lancelot's tale, when the bride's father (whom Lancelot attacked) is "getting better" until the groom's father surreptitiously orders him killed.
    Courtier: He's getting better!
    Father: (motions to a soldier) ...who, when it seemed as if he was about to recover, suddenly felt the icy hand of death upon him.
    (sound of a sudden groan)
    Courtier: He's died!
    • Actually, it was done twice in Lancelot's Tale. When the prince fired his arrow randomly, it was intercepted by Concorde's chest. Turned out, he was able to pull through, and was even willing to come along, but Lancelot would have none of it and demanded that he take a few minutes to rest.
  • Battle of the Bulge (1965). Sergeant Guffy's tank has been seriously damaged, but he still wants to fight the Germans to avenge his girlfriend's death.
    Lt. Weaver: You got a wounded man. You think you ought to get him to the medics?
    Sergeant Guffy: Ah, he's not too bad. He can still fight.
  • Mean Girls after Gretchen falls on Karen.
  • Death Proof after Zoe Bell finally gets knocked off the hood, there's an exceedingly tense few seconds as the characters in the car recover from the chase...until Zoe completely breaks the mood by hopping up like an excited puppy, chirping, "I'm okay!".

Live-Action TV

Video Games

Western Animation
  • "He's alright, folks!" is the standard tannoy announcement on The Simpsons after Lance Murdoch's inevitable bloody wipeouts.
  • A shakily-delivered "I'm OK" is a Catch Phrase of Eugene in Hey Arnold!.
  • From The Secret Show:
    Professor Professor: Victor, are you still alive?!
    Victor: Yes! I'm still alive!

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