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Literature: The Union Forever
The Union Forever, by MacGregor, is an Alternate History timeline on The Point Of Divergence is an alternate Peninsular Campaign during The American Civil War, in which George McClellan experiences an accident which paralyzes him from the waist down. He is replaced by Edwin Sumner, who subsequently defeats Robert E Lee, and forces an earlier end to the war. the Butterfly Effect is handled very creatively, which includes a smoother reconstruction, Lincoln dying a natural death, Napoleon III being succeeded by his son, and countless other events. As of April 2014, the timeline is currently in 1976.

Historical characters who appear or are referenced in the timeline:

  • Abraham Lincoln: Wins reelection in 1864, and completes his second term without being assassinated. His plan for Reconstruction, called in this TL Reconciliation. He dies in 1887 in retirement.
  • George Armstrong Custer: Fights in the Civil War and fights the Spanish in Cuba in 1877-78. Becomes Governor of Ohio in 1892. Becomes President in 1896. Is defeated by Robert Todd Lincoln in 1900. Dies in 1905 in retirement.

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