Literature: The Five Ancestors

The Five Ancestors is a children's book series written by Jeff Stone about five, young Chinese warrior monks who are the only survivors of the destruction and raid of their home, Cangzhen Temple. Each of the warriors specializes in an animal kung fu and possesses a Cantonese animal name: Fu (Tiger), Malao (Monkey), Seh (Snake), Hok (Crane), Long (Dragon), and Ying (Eagle). When Grandmaster is killed by their former brother Ying (Eagle), the warriors must seek their past and change Ying and the Emperor's heart. Each monk will begin to uncover their own past and learn surprising facts about themselves. Betrayal, trust, friendship, and skills along the way between the monks' families, friends, and among themselves. The seven books in the series are: Tiger, Monkey, Snake, Crane, Eagle, Mouse and Dragon; published by Random House between 2003-2010.

Tropes displayed in this work include: