Literature: That Was Then, This Is Now

Mark and Byron are best friends, the closest thing to a brother either of them ever had. Both are sixteen-year-old greasers— pool hustlers, hoods. Mark can get away with anything, and Byron can lie about anything. They're the perfect team. Over the year that passes, they see just how rough life treats the poor kids like them. The owner of the bar where they hustle pool at is shot. An innocent guy beaten half to death. Drugs show their effect on a child once intelligent and sensitive. Worst of all, Mark has turned out to be a completely different person than Byron had estimated him to be. Should Byron turn in someone closer than a brother to him?

That Was Then, This Is Now is a 1971 novel by S. E. Hinton, acclaimed author of The Outsiders. The book gives a darkly realistic portrayal of greasers in the early seventies.

Tropes used by the novel: