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Literature: After Doomsday
After Doomsday is a Science Fiction novel by Poul Anderson, in which ships of interstellar traveling humans return home and find it utterly destroyed. It recounts their efforts to survive, locate other humans, and discover what happened.

Tropes include

  • Adam and Eve Plot: The women on one ship are aware this doesn't work and that if humanity is to survive, each woman will need to have children by several men, to increase the gene pool.
  • But What About The Astronauts?: The central plot
  • The Captain: On the men's ship, he falls apart; on the women's, she leads the ship onward.
  • Hope Is Scary: A friendly alien still doesn't get it.
  • The Leader: Donnan. He even orders the captain about at first, and later takes the captaincy.
  • You Are in Command Now: The second officer on the men's ship can not cope.

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