Literature: A Valkyrie Rises Over Europe

An alternate history created by AlternateHistory.com member Kaiser K. It is set in a world with an ongoing cold war between the United States and a surviving Nazi Germany. You can find it here.

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This alternate history features the following tropes:

  • America Wins the War: Completely averted. Considering the timeline's basic plot is a case of "Germany Wins the War"
  • Alternate History: The Nazis end up winning the Second World War. Resulting in a alternate version of the Cold War between pits the United States (and her allies) against the Third Reich
  • Balkanize Me: The Soviet Union can qualify regarding this. Considering the country is split between several different factions all vying for power and control within the country. The strongest being the Communists lead by Lavrenty Beria (Stalin's real life Chairman of the NKVD)
  • Cold War: Between the United States and a continuing Nazi Germany
  • Expanded States of America: Already within the timeline, The United States has taken full control over the territories of both Greenland and Iceland. With the latter being admitted as the 49th state in 1955
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Both Heinrich Himmler and Joseph Goebbels find themselves purged as a result of the power struggle that erupted within the Reich after Adolf Hitler's death in 1948.
  • Douglas MacArthur; who was elected President of the United States in 1948. Is assassinated by a Fascist sympathizer during a visit to Green Bay, Wisconsin in June of 1951
  • Dystopia: Can be considered at least Grim and very dark in nature. If not a outright dystopia. Just imagine what is happening to the Jews, Slavs and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the Nazis FinalSolution
  • Eagleland:
  • The Empire: The Greater German Reich of course; being the victorious realization of Hitler's mad and psychotic dreams.
  • Final Solution: Unfortunately. Very present for those unfortunate and deemed unworthy by Berlin that happen to live within the borders of the new Germany.
  • For Want of a Nail: Hitler, in a moment of rare sanity and clarity, decides that sending the Afrika Korps to assist the Italians in North Africa would be a waste of resources and men. So the 250,000 Axis troops who would have been used up in the Axis' doomed campaign in North Africa ended up at the Eastern Front. Specifically Stalingrad… where the Nazis, not the Soviets, win this time. Leading to the Nazis defeating the broken and battered Soviet Union in 1943.
  • Gestapo: In the aftermath of Germany's victory in the war. The Gestapo formally replaced the Abwehr as the main intelligence agency of the Third Reich. Becoming the KGB to America's CIA
  • Government in Exile: Most prominently in the form of Charles de Gaulle's "Republic of France" (Free France) based in Algiers. the government's of Dutch Guinea and the Belgian Congo also qualify as this.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: Ho Chi Minh gets one. And becomes the United States loyal ally in Southeast Asia
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: Albert Speer
  • Istanbul Not Constantinople: Very much present for many cites in Eastern Europe now under the rule of Germany. Examples including
    • Adolf-Hitler Stadt (Leningrad/St. Petersburg)
    • Wolgaburg (Stalingrad)
    • Katharinastadt (Yalta)
    • Theodorichshafen (Sevastopol)
    • Gotenburg (Simferopol), similarly. the Crimean Peninsula is known as Gotenland (Land of the Goths)
  • Nazis with Gnarly Weapons:
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Despite the fact that the timeline is barely ten years in from the POD. This is already very much present. In particular. Douglas MacArthur and Howard Stassen have already held the office by 1956. With others guaranteed to come along as the TL heads further away from the POD
  • Point Of Divergence: The timeline differs from what transpired in our world when Adolf Hitler decides not only to not send the Afrika Korps to assist the Italians in Northern Africa; freeing up dozens of troops and tons of equipment. But to also send his armies into Russia with ample amounts of winter clothing as part of the preparations for the planned post war occupation. Leading to a radically different set of events that ends with the Third Reich's victory in the Second World War.
  • Politically Correct History: Averted massively. The author illustrates the brutality and wickedness of the German's plans for their newly acquired Eastern Territories in full grizzly detail.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Compared to his fellow Nazis. Albert Speer is a bastion of sanity and reason within the Third Reich. But still not a nice guy in the end
  • Richard Nixon the Used Car Salesman:
    • Both Douglas MacArthur and Harold Stassen have become President of the United States
    • Albert Speer has risen from being Adolf Hitler's personal architect to become The Fuhrer und Reichskanzler of Germany
    • Lavrenty Beria has risen to become the President of the Soviet Union and General Secretary of the Communist Party
    • Richard Nixon himself is the Secretary of State to President Stassen
    • Thanks to the very different result of the European Front (as well as America's relative lack of involvement in it). George Patton and Dwight D. Eisenhower are relatively obscure and non-popular Generals. Their original exploits never having happened
    • The same can be said of Erwin Rommel thanks largely to the fact that the Afrika Korps ever being sent to North Africa. Meaning in turn that Rommel never gained the same scale of popularity and fame as he did in our timeline. Leaving him a relatively obscure General compared to other German generals such as Manstein and Guderian
  • Space-Filling Empire: The victorious Greater German Reich can be considered one. Stretching from the channel ports of the former Belgium and Netherlands to the cold steeps of the Ural Mountains.
  • State Sec: the Schutzstaffel of Nazi Germany. Who's prominence has grown even higher in the now victorious Reich
  • Stupid Jetpack Hitler: While not as extreme as most media depictions of this trope are. The fact that the timeline deals with a victorious Nazi Germany that gets locked into a Cold War with the West means that plenty of advanced and sophisticated weaponry will be developed by the Germans
  • Those Wacky Nazis: Naturally; considering the plot of the timeline.