Literature / A Drizzle Of Education

"Drizzle? What kind of a name is that? Were your parents drunk when they named you, or are they just really stupid?"

Tired of taking care of Drizzle all the time, Drizzle's parents decide send her to a boarding school in Canada. There, Drizzle soon learns that making friends isn't quite so easy when everyone thinks you're a freak. Along the way she’ll have to put up with cruel pranks, not-so-nice roommates, and concerned adults, but what will happen when she and her two new friends stumble across a book full of magic spells?

A Drizzle of Education is a NaNoWriMo novel written by imxplosion. Chapters of her story can be found on her LiveJournal account. The current word count is 50k+.

The tropes used are: