Knight Templar / Web Original

  • In The Gamer's Alliance, the Clergy of Cardia and later the Church of the Memory of Cardia who follow the God of Order show signs of being knight templar in their quest to hunt down anyone who is worshipping Mardük the God of Chaos or collaborating with demons whom they see as abominations to be purged.
  • The Mujahedin, from the Global Guardians PBEM Universe, are Islamic superheroes who use Shariah law as a guideline to how much force to use against the criminals they face...which means that they kill a lot of criminals. They're also fairly harsh against non-Muslims, liberal Muslims, and anyone who thinks the Mujahedin crossed the Moral Event Horizon a time or two. They also fall squarely into the realm of Your Terrorists Are Our Freedom Fighters when it comes to their views on Israel.
  • Most worshippers of Khersis in Tales of MU come off this way towards the main character as a result of Fantastic Racism, owing to the fact that she's a half-demon and their god's portfolio includes protecting humanity from demons.
    • The incipient paladin Gloria from her mixed melee class comes off as this, as well. Her characterization starts off painting her as just another run-of-the-mill fundamentalist, but when she starts to engage in activities that might seriously harm Mack, like sanctifying herself before battle and uttering prayers as Mack goes to meditate, which may indicate a slippage towards Black and White Insanity, she becomes this.
    • The emancipated golem Two also comes off as this in a much less malicious way. She has a pathological desire to do as she is told, and so she takes rules very seriously, sometimes to such a degree that she causes problems for herself and her friends.
  • Don Cheadle's funny and yet at the same time creepy take-on of Captain Planet in Funny Or Die.
  • Dr. Hax in The Gmod Idiot Box punishes hacking with a monitor to the face. Any kind of hacking, no matter how benign or well-intentioned. One skit eventually has Chuckles the Cheat (a frequent victim of his) team up with him to take down another hacker, and after Dr. Hax bans him with a banhammer made of monitors, he eventually uses it on Chuckles as well for hacking during the confrontation (though with a reduced ban sentence.)
  • By the end of The Anglo/American Nazi War , the victorious post-war Allies are so horrified by the death and destruction caused that they enact a policy of using any tactic to stop anything that might balloon out into World War III. Unsanctioned space launch? That means you might have access to ICB Ms, and the A4 can't have that. Sectarian violence in the third world? Send in the troops and attack both sides. One of the fifteen Administrative Regions which make up what was once the Reich try to push for the reunification of Germany? Nuke the place from orbit and kill everyone in it.