Heartwarming / Zig & Sharko

  • "King Neptunes Court", where Sharko busts into Neptunes palace and proceeds to kick the asses of King Neptune and his army of Orca's to save the mermaid he loves from an unloved marriage.
  • The ending of the episode "A Tale of Two Legs". Sharko is aware of Marina holding a photo of her parents (a sailor and a mermaid), leading to this beatiful shot that happens in a sunset.
  • The ending of the episode "Birthday Party" in which Sharko gives Marina the necklace that she dreamed of Sharko giving her, and then he is rewarded by receiving a kiss. Doubly heartwarming by the last few seconds of the episode where they walk back home in an embrace during a sunset.
  • During the episode of "Sharko and his folks", Sharko attempts to present Marina with an engagement ring, however, his parents unexpectedly arrive. Unfortunately, they do not like the idea of their son being engaged to a non-shark. Not wanting to disappoint his parents, he pretends to be in love with a female shark (who is actually Zig in a Shark disguise). But when the truth is spilled, he stops pretending and tearfully gives the ring to Marina, which she happily accepts and embrace in reconciliation. Seeing how the two are in love with each other, Sharko's parents gladly accept the union.
  • At the beginning of "Bernie Moves House", Zig breaks relationship with Bernie, so the latter goes to make a new house away from Zig in the island appeared recently near to the island Zig lives on. Later, the new island begins to disappear into the sea, destroying Bernie's house who he is entering in, and causing him to be sucked in the sea. Zig is aware of this, so using a rod he catchs Bernie and then applies reanimation to him just in time to save his life, making both of them to reconciliate in a tearful hug.
  • In "Cold Snap" after getting rid of the polar bear, Sharko and Zig share a victory ceremony, with golden belt and everything. But then Zig ruins it by going back to capturing Marina.