Awesome / Zig & Sharko

  • The episode "King Neptunes Court" where Sharko defeats an army of Orca within seconds and gives King Neptune a royal beating.
  • The scene in "Desert Island Drought", where Zig dresses as a toreador and actually beats up Sharko. Subverted as rain comes down and Sharko gets a chance to take at him.
  • "Cold Snap" has Zig and Sharko teaming up against a skilled polar bear and suceeding!
    • Early on, Zig clamps onto polar bear's backside and proves being suprisingly hard to pull off. It goes on for nearly a minute, compared to his other few second attempts on other creatures.
  • "The Challengers" has newcomer Manta Ray and Sharko having an even battle. During their arm wrestle, both the island and the ocean is shaking!