Heartwarming: Universal Studios

  • Any little kid that's overwhelmed with joy when they first meet the likes of Spider-Man or SpongeBob SquarePants.
    • Or going through "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter".
    • And going on the Despicable Me ride
  • The ending of E.T. Adventure, with the titular character wishing you farewell (and actually saying your name!)
    • If you're walking through the exit hallways at the right time you'll hear "I'll be right here..."
  • There's also the ending of Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, where Gru saves the girls, reveals to the trio his 1st Anniversary gift to them and happily declares how much he loves them.
  • The ending to Back to the Future: The Ride, while quick, somewhat qualifies too, just because of Doc's final words to the riders:
    Doc Brown (gleefully): You did it! Not only did you catch Biff and save the universe, but you proved that my latest invention is a success! Go forth time travelers, and remember the future is what you make it!
  • The Universal 100th show, which is essentially a giant and lovingly-crafted homage to the company's legacy of films. It's especially moving to any big film fan or historian.