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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
  • Ron and Hermione bickering during the queue/pre-show of the Forbidden Journey.
  • The fact that Moaning Myrtle's voice can be heard screaming and whining in the bathrooms. They really went the extra mile to make the park seem authentic, didn't they?
  • The little "ceremony" you go through when you buy a Pygmy Puff at "Weesley's Wizarding Wheezes" .

    Transformers: The Ride 

    Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem 
  • Edith and her evil clown puppet
  • The many Minion Goggles design choices
  • Some gags going on with the minions in the Goggles info video
  • "Come on, smile Gru!"
    Gru: I hate smiling.
  • The Failed Minion Transformation tests
    Gru: At first there were a few minor snabs
    (The Minions start to laugh at them)
    Gru: And then a few maijor snabs.
  • The body scan
    Gru: It appears some of you have not showered in like a week! Gross!
  • Gru fires the Fart Gun
  • The Minion stuck on the cactus
  • The giant flyswatters
  • The Minion zapped with the laser
    Agnes: HE'S SO FLUFFY!!!
  • The part when the Minions are punched off the course by a boxing glove
  • The Minions getting distracted by a banana during the teamwork skills part
    Edith: Resist the banana!
  • Gru getting flung all over the place
  • The laser transforms the guests back to humans at the end of the ride. Gru's reaction is what sells the scene.
    Gru: Aw man, they're human again. [the doors close] Bring in the next troop!!!

    Jurassic Park: The Ride 
  • At one point, you can see a Mickey Mouse hat floating in the water.
  • As you turn and see two Compsognathus fighting over a popcorn box, this plays over the speakers.
    Announcer: Our top scientists provided our herbivore friends with strictly controlled organic life, ensuring healthy growth and balance of our ecosystem.