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    The Simpsons Ride 
  • Virtually all the ride names in the preshow video loops, such as "Captain Dinosaur's Pirate Rip-Off" and "Haunted Condos" (which is mentioned as being closed for "annual ghostbusting").
  • The billboard that says "Send Money to Universal Studios", a particularly hilarious case of a company making fun of itself.
  • When the Simpsons are being dropped from the "Death Drop" ride, Homer exclaims, "My bosoms are slapping my face!"
  • During the part when Sideshow Bob is trying to kill the Simpsons with a wrecking ball, Homer stands up out of the vehicle, proclaiming that the rule of sitting down on the ride is "a load of corporate crap!", only for him to get knocked out of the vehicle by said wrecking ball.
    Homer (when running away from the now-rolling wrecking ball): Come on ball, you don't want to hurt me, we're both big and round and never finished high school!
  • When Homer and Marge land on the pirate ride:
    Homer: Alone at last!
    Marge: Bob's trying to kill the kids!
    Homer: It just gets better and better...
  • Two of the exchanges in the ride's opening scene:
    Lisa: I'm scared, dad!
    Homer: Sweetie, they won't kill you in an amusement park as long as you have a dime left in your pocket.

    Sideshow Bob: There's nothing you can do! You're about to die!
    Homer: You sound like my doctor!
  • When the Simpsons go back into their home, only for it to be revealed that their still on a ride, Kang and Kodos come out, with Kodos saying, "Foolish earthlings! Don't you know all rides must exit near the gift shop?"
  • During the whale scene:
    Sideshow Bob: You've foiled my plans for the last time!
    Bart:'ve soiled your pants for the last time? Haha!
    • "Onward, convenient whale!"
  • One of the videos in the queue shows what happened to the Institute of Future Technology: Professor Frink decides to head back in time with the DeLorean in order to prevent the sale of the IFT. By doing this, he runs over the man who was going to help Doc Brown (actually voiced by Christopher Lloyd!) keep the IFT alive, and because of this, Doc has to sell the institute to "that mercenary clown".
    Krusty: Mercenary clown? That's me! (puts a Krustyland sign over the IFT sign and laughs)
    Prof. Frink: Oh, no! By traveling to change the past, I have inadvertently caused it to happen!
    Doc: (opening the door of Krusty's limo) So, what can I do for you, boss?
    Krusty: You can take tickets at the front if you get a haircut.
    Doc: Fine by me! It takes me three hours in the morning just to get it like this!
  • More from the preshow: Krusty asks the Simpsons to choose the people who will come with them on the ride. Bart points to the audience and asks "How about these guys?" "Eh, sure. They look clean."
  • In the final preshow room, Sideshow Bob announces "And now the last thing that you will ever see: A mandatory safety video!" "AAAAAAAH!" Even better, the ride instruction video is an Itchy & Scratchy short!
    • Doubles as an Awesome Moment when you realize that even though the writers had to keep the violence PG-rated for the littler kids, it still feels like a good Itchy & Scratchy cartoon.
  • The many signs and notices that hammer in just how terrible Krustyland is.
    KRUSTYLAND ATM: Fees raised from $2 to "double however much money you're taking out" - Sorry

    Shrek 4-D 
  • In the queue line, there is a newspaper (titled "The Medieval Times") whose headline reads Lord Farquaad returns from the grave! Still very, very short.
  • There are several posters throughout the queue line that parody both movies and Disney attractions, ex: The Enchanted Tick Room, Claws (showing Farquaad swimming in the clouds with Dragon about to strike from below), Liar Liar (with Pinocchio in the main role instead of Jim Carrey).
  • In the preshow room, there is a large sign parodying the Universal Express Plus system, advertising being tortured as a theme park attraction in of itself.
  • The imprisoned Three Little Pigs and Pinocchio being baffled that the audience "didn't see the movie", with the latter saying, "It's what happened after the end credits that got us all into this pickle!"
  • The Pinocchio asks the Magic Mirror to tell the audience "the story". The mirror responds:
    Magic Mirror: Sure! *prepares* A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... (Star Wars-style music plays and he rises upwards in a way similar to the opening titles of same)
    Pig One: Oh, I love that story!
    Pig Two: Me too!
    Pig Three: It's a little bit too episodic for my tastes...
    Pinocchio: NO! Our story!
    Magic Mirror: Oh, so sorry, I've been feeling really spaced out lately...
  • During Farquaad's first appearance:
    Magic Mirror: Lord Farquaad! My, you're looking rather...pale...
    Farquaad: Of course I am, I'm a ghost, you fool!
  • When Donkey asks (and later attempts to guess) why Fiona is crying:
    Donkey: Awww, what's wrong, Princess? You shouldn't be this unhappy until YEARS into your marriage!
    Fiona: It's the happiest time in my's just...
    Donkey: Oh, wait let me guess, you're overwhelmed by love!
    Fiona: No!...I mean, yes...but that's not why I'm...
    Donkey: A shrimp platter was bad?
    Fiona: No, Donkey! I just...
    Donkey: Wait, wait, I got it! You've always wanted a puppy, but all you got was toasters!
    Fiona: NO! I'm sitting in an onion! This carriage is one big onion...
    Donkey: Oh. Why didn't you say so?
  • After Donkey's tail is briefly grabbed by a ghost hand:
    Donkey: Shrek, Shrek! I feel dead people!
  • When Shrek scares Donkey, he accidentally destroys the tombstone of Humpty Dumpty, to which Shrek quips, "What a crack-up!"
  • Upon seeing Farquaad's massive grave site, Shrek reprises his joke from the first film:
    Shrek: Well, looks like Farquaad's still trying to compensate for something. I wonder what that could be?
  • Look closely at some of the tombstones at the graveyard. In one shot some of them have "COMING SOON" written on them.
  • Donkey's multiple fourth wall breaks:
    • At one point he is sent flying out of the carriage and towards the audience (only to be saved by Shrek), he compliments the 3-D, and later mentions to Shrek that he "just saw into another dimension!"
    • And when Farquaad's ghost reveals himself:
    Donkey: I know I've seen you die in the first movie!
  • When Farquaad's ghost and Thelonius tie Fiona to a raft, intending to send her over a waterfall, Thelonius unties the raft with him still on it.
    • Also when Fiona subsequently defeats him with a rather painful kick to the crotch.
  • Donkey and Dragon going off together to go "make some waffles!"
  • It's not unusual for the Team Members in the booth to tell the guests "make sure you buckle your seatbelts". Cue everyone looking at their sides and the Team Member will then say "...until you realize there ''are'' no seatbelts.
  • The standard punishment for breaking the various safety rules, is that you will be flogged. The audience is coached to respond to mentions of being flogged with "OH NO!", which isn't terribly unfunny by itself. Things get hilarious if someone says "OH YES!", at which point the staffer will immediately snap back, "This isn't Fifty Shades!"

    Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast 
  • The exchange when Ooblar is attempting to steal Jimmy's Mark IV and the remote that controls it.
    Jimmy: Carl! The remote!
    Ooblar: Give me that! Or I'll hurt you...
    Carl: Okay. *casually hands it to him*
    Jimmy (annoyed): Carl!
    Carl: I couldn't help it, Jim. He used some kind of space alien mind-meld on me!
  • When Jimmy and Carl end up in Fairy World, Cosmo, mishearing what the two are saying, briefly turns Ooblar into a Yolkian Elvis and Carl's hair into bacon (which Elvis Ooblar attempts to eat.)
  • During the confrontation on the Yolkian Planet, King Goobot brings out Poultra (whom now appears to have a corrosive breath ability) to finish off Jimmy and Carl, resulting in this:
    Jimmy: Poultra!
    Ooblar: Yes, Poultra will teach you the meaning of- *gets breathed on by Poultra* ...ow.
  • Shortly after, Poultra accidentally destroys both the Mark IV and Ooblar's egg shell, the latter commenting, "I was hoping he'd go easy!"
  • When Jimmy and Carl crash-land into Bikini Bottom and encounter SpongeBob and Patrick:
    Patrick (gesturing at Jimmy's rocket): SpongeBob, look!
    SpongeBob: Wow! A rocket-powered jellyfish!
  • SpongeBob causes Jimmy to lose control of the rocket when he puts his net around Jimmy's head, and during the ensuing struggle, the wings of the rocket cut SpongeBob's pineapple into several slices, which land in a huge and conveniently-placed can of sliced pineapple. Then there's also this bit of dialogue from SpongeBob:
    SpongeBob (while being flung through Bikini Bottom by Jimmy's rocket): Hello, Gary! Hello Larry! Hello Sandy! *crashes through the Bikini Bottom sign* Hello Mrs. Puff! Hello secondary characters!...
  • King Goobot making the ride vehicles do the chicken dance, which he calls "a fate beyond your worst nightmare!"
  • Carl using Cosmo's wand to poof up a bunch of llamas, which also results in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo by Dalai Llama.

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
  • Ron and Hermione bickering during the queue/pre-show of the Forbidden Journey.
  • The fact that Moaning Myrtle's voice can be heard screaming and whining in the bathrooms. They really went the extra mile to make the park seem authentic, didn't they?
  • The little "ceremony" you go through when you buy a Pygmy Puff at "Weesley's Wizarding Wheezes" .

    Transformers: The Ride 

    Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem 
  • Edith and her evil clown puppet
  • The many Minion Goggles design choices
  • Some gags going on with the minions in the Goggles info video
  • The girls pulling Gru's mouth to make him smile
    Gru: I hate smiling.
  • Failed Minion Transformation tests
  • The body scan
    Gru: It appears some of you have not showered in like a week! Gross!
  • Gru fires the Fart Gun
  • The Minion stuck on the cactus
  • The giant flyswatters
  • The Minion zapped with the laser
    Agnes: He's so Fluffy!!!
  • The part with the giant boxing gloves
  • Minions getting distracted by a banana during the teamwork skills part
    Edith: Resist the banana!
  • Gru getting flung all over the place
  • The laser transforms the guests back to humans at the end of the ride.
    Gru: Aw man, they're human again. [the doors close] Bring in the next troop!!!
    Jurassic Park: The Ride 
  • At one point, you can see a Mickey Mouse hat floating in the water.
  • As you turn and see two Compsognathus fighting over a popcorn box, this plays over the speakers.
    Announcer:Our top scientists provided our herbivore friends with strictly controlled organic life, ensuring healthy growth and balance of our ecosystem.