Heartwarming / Ultimate Warrior

  • Hulk Hogan handing Warrior the WWF title, and embracing him, after their classic Wrestlemania VI showdown. It was exactly how that segment should have ended.
  • During his Hall of Fame speech, he told his daughters "The greatest thing I will ever do is be your dad". Doubles as a Tear Jerker considering that Warrior passed away 3 days from that speech...
  • His final week was incredibly poignant, in retrospect. Warrior's sudden passing came just after coming home from his weekend on WWE television, for his Hall Of Fame Induction and powerful Raw promo. Upon news of his death hitting the internet, many Superstars detailed the kindness Warrior showed over the weekend. After so many years of grudges, it was touching to see that in his last days, he finally got to make peace with the wrestling business.