Heartwarming / Triple H

  • This moment at a house show in Phoenix. Most reports say that Hunter is extremely gracious towards fans.
  • When HBK retired, Chris Jericho cut a promo gloating that his nemesis was now gone. Cue Triple H to come kick his ass and give him Shawn's patented Sweet Chin Music. Granted, even he admitted he can't kick as high as Shawn and it was really more of "Sweet Chest Music", but it's the thought that counts.
  • Triple H apparently once paid for pizza for an entire crowd of people waiting outside an arena because of technical problems that made the show start at least half an hour late.
  • His Hall of Fame induction speech for his best friend Shawn Michaels was half-comedy roast and half-Tear Jerker, in true Hunter fashion. Then he brings out Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman, for a Kliq reunion.
  • Showing up on Smackdown to come out for Edge's retirement sendoff, and bowing to Edge in the middle of the ring before hugging him.
  • The aftermath of the Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania 28: After having been beaten so badly he couldn't get to his feet, Shawn and Taker pick Hunter up and walk him up the ramp. The three of them - at war not five minutes before - hug and stand arm-in-arm on the stage.
  • After the death of Ric Flair's younger son, Reid, Ric had placed one of his two WWE Hall of Fame rings on Reid's finger at his funeral and gave the other to his elder son, David. When Triple H heard about this, he had a third ring made for Ric that had Reid's name engraved on it.
  • Combined with Tear Jerker, Triple H puts Daniel Bryan fan Connor "the Crusher" Michalek over.
  • After Corey Graves' in-ring career was ended by a series of concussions, Triple H offered him a two-year contract as an NXT announcer, saying that Graves had done everything asked of him and more during his time in the ring. Graves accepted and he is now the colour commentator of Monday Night Raw.
  • On the January 19, 2015 episode of Raw, the main event was a 3-on-1 handicap match with John Cena against numerous Authority members with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the leaders of The Authority at ringside. Triple H noticed a kid sitting behind him chanting his name. He then told the kid to stop bothering him, whereupon he started crying. Triple H had the cameras pan away from him, and he broke character to console the kid and give him a hug, as seen here. The guy who posted the picture also claimed that Stephanie broke character too. Definitely proof that Triple H and Stephanie are nothing like their onscreen characters, and are very appreciative of the audience.
  • The ending of WWE NXT TakeOver: Respect. After the amazing thirty-minute Iron (Wo)Man match between Bayley and Sasha Banks, the first ever Divas main event for a major WWE show, he stands with the rest of the NXT roster, bouquet in hand, applauding both participants. After giving some comforting words to Sasha, he alone enters the ring, hugs Bayley, congratulating her on a job well done, and hands her the bouquet and holds up her hand to the roar of the Full Sail crowd.
    • What Hunter has done for the Divas division in general. Numerous Attitude Era Divas talk about how they initially didn't have agents to help plan for their matches, but Triple H was always there, willing to give them advice. It shows that Hunter, no matter what you think about how he treated his fellow male wrestlers, always held the women of the WWE in high regard, and believed in them, in that they could be so much more than just a bathroom break or a jiggle show. And now, he's helping them put on quality matches and get into the main event. It's really something to behold.
  • During one of the tribute shows following Eddie Guerrero's death, Triple H came out to wrestle with Guerrero's initials written on his taped wrists. When he entered the ring, he climbed the turnbuckles to go through his trademark routine - only to motion to the crowd and point to his wrists, as if to say, "Not for me. Don't cheer for me. This one's for Eddie."
  • At Roddy Piper's funeral, Chyna came up to Triple H, having not seen him for 14 years, and they briefly made amends. This would be the last time they ever interacted.
  • Based on how you see it, ** His shocking return to Raw on August 29, 2016, when he betrays Seth Rollins to hand Kevin Owens the Universal Championship. As he has Rollins in a pre-Pedigree headlock, he looks at Owens, nodding in a way that said,"Kid, this '''IS''' your night" before pedigreeing Rollins, snatching the championship belt from RAW General Manager Mick Foley and handing it to Owens.