Heartwarming / 3 Idiots

  • Virus awarding his astronaut's pen to Rancho. After an entire movie of lambasting him and antagonizing him because of his free spirited, unorthodox methods, Virus is finally forced to admit Rancho is the student deserving of such an honor.
  • Rancho rebuilding Joy's spycam. It just makes the scene where they discover that Joy had hanged himself with said spycam that makes it all the more depressing.
  • After soundly beating the crap out of Rancho, the eponymous Three Idiots are reunited once more.
  • Raju reconciles with Rancho after the latter saved his father.
  • Rancho and Pia about the watch and Pia's mother. This is also the scene where Pia falls in love with Rancho after lambasting him an hour ago, cue the Zoobi Doo number.
  • Raju's recovery after his suicide.
  • Farhan and Raju doing the task after Rancho did his bet to confess with Pia. Farhan finally convinces his father to let him pursue his own dream for once and Raju impressing the company with his newfound confidence.
  • Raju convinces Pia to run away from her unhappy wedding, delivering her an Armor-Piercing Question if she will commit suicide now she feels afraid to face her own heart. Coming for an ex-coward and a person who committed suicide and live to tell the tale, Raju's words should not be taken lightly.
  • Quite small, but Millimeter following the Farhan, Raju and Rancho after the trio were caught stealing the answer paper at Virus' office.
  • Rancho confessing to Pia. And also his encouragement to Mona's unborn child just in case his grandfather, Virus, scared him into becoming an engineer.
  • The graduation. To elaborate: Rancho becoming the Student of the Year, Raju's mother hugging her son, Chatur with his mother and more importantly, Virus proudly congratulating Rancho and his bonding with the students.
  • Virus holding his first born grandson after a harrowing operation in which it was nearly stillborn. For all his unpleasantness, it reminds us that he is really a human being who cares for his family dearly in his own way, and this scene shows a start of his change of outlook. His first words to the baby are full of this:
    Virus: What a kick! note  Do you want to be a footballer? Be anything you want to be!