Funny: Three Idiots

  • A senior is threatening to pee on Rancho's door. What does Rancho do? Mc Gyver a current to a spoon, which causes the senior's urine to conduct electricity. No one dares bother him after that. It's really his retreating to sanctuary, wielding the device like a spear, and the seniors backing off of it, that makes it.
    • It gets even better: several years later, his students pull the same thing on Chatur.
  • Farhan and Raju don't know if Rancho's married and if he did they will bring Pia back at the wedding. Pia goes berserk.
  • Brick Joke. Rancho relates a dream to Pia where riding with her on her scooter was the enchanting twenty-two minutes in his life, but the dream always ends before they kiss. A decade later, the scenario happens for real, but with a twist...
    Rancho: Every night you ride into my dreams on a scooter, dressed as a bride. Instead of a veil, you lift your helmet, and come close to kiss me.
    Pia: (slaps Rancho)
  • Who can forget Chatur's engineered speech during Teacher's Day? Serve=Screw, Booty=Breasts and the shokla that contains his [[Gasshole farts]]:
    Chatur: You gave your breasts to this insufferable screwer.
  • Pia's boyfriend freaks out at Rancho ruining his precious Italian shoes with sauce. Raju and Farhan do the same thing to him again years later, this time to save Pia from marrying him, with roughly the same results.
  • The real Rancho discovering the urn is empty, followed by a major freakout until a servant tells him Papa is just fine; the boys got the wrong urn.
    • Earlier still, Raju and Farhan discovering they had taken the wrong urn. While real!Rancho tells the story, Raju has his hand tightly over the urn to keep the former from seeing.
    • The threat of flushing "Papa" down the "Sacred Sewer" instead of the "Sacred River," really. It's horrible yet hilarious. Never been a hostage taking been so hilarious.
  • The ending. Watching as Chatur's mind puts all the pieces together just never, ever fails to be satisfying. Massive Oh, Crap at its finest.
    Raju: 'A' for apple, 'B' for ball...
    Farhan: 'S' for screwed!
    Farhan and Raju: HEY CHATUR! (kiss their asses) TAKE THAT!
  • Drunk Pia. It's hilarious yet sad, considering the events that will happen next.
  • Every time Chatur's fart is referenced. The door that leads to his room back at college days has 'GAS CHAMBER' on it.
    Farhan: You're the sole cause of global warming!
  • Farhan's father is called 'Hitler Qureshi' and Raju's mother being called 'Mother Teresa'.
  • Every time the scene goes to Raju's house. It suddenly turns into black and white, referencing Raju's impoverished family.
  • "Virus's letters dropped like atom bombs. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, plunged into gloom."
  • When Farhan tells Raju that nothing is impossible, Raju squeezes toothpaste into Farhan's hand and commands him to put it back into the tube. It's the look on Farhan's face that makes this hilarious, and also sad.
  • Rancho's brilliant, creative comeback to the lecturer's lambasting him for using a simple answer rather than the textbook definition. Expospeak Gag to fantastic effect.
  • Farhan bolting from the wheelchair after he fakes a heart attack to abort his flight.
  • Anytime Raju's pantslessness is brought up. The scene where he steals Chatur's pants is particularly fun.
    Raju: Karl Marx said that one should share all one's resources!
    Chatur: Give it back! I want it now!
    (Chatur forces to pull his pants out of Raju's in a very compromising way)
    Raju: Hey! You'll give people ideas!
  • Farhan and Raju try to find Rancho on the list of exam passers.
    Farhan: Finding out your friend failed the exam, you feel bad. Finding out he topped the exam, you feel worse.
  • Farhan and Raju finally discovering Rancho after his mysterious disappearance.
  • Millimeter imitates Virus' speech on the freshmen's first day in ICE. The transition makes it funnier.