Heartwarming / The Toasterverse

Some Things Shouldn't Be A Chore

  • Thor and Natasha's playing with the Roombas is hilarious but is this as well.
    • 'Stark Hugging Duty' also qualifies.
  • Steve takes an oyster fork to his watch so he has an excuse to free Tony from some clingy socialites. The two then spend their time in the library talking and eating pears while Tony fixes the watch, as he assures Steve that he just needs to ask him to get over there if he wants to similarly extradite him again.
  • When Jarvis reveals, in Steve's words, that 'Clint got shot and didn't tell anybody.' Steve and Natasha both have him bent over the counter trying to get a look at the scar from the wound.
  • Tony accidentally blurts out something he doesn't mean to and suffers a mild Heroic B.S.O.D. where he wanders down to his workshop and starts black out engineering. When he comes out of it, Jarvis threatens Tony with Dummy and the fire extinguisher should he go catatonic again, and Steve is so desperate to get in he's been trying to use Fury's access codes on the door. Once he sees Tony is still conscious, he goes upstairs, get's his shield, and bashes through the glass to get into the workshop.
    • Steve was trying to get in for over an hour.
    • The two then have a good talk that clears some things up and reassures them both.

Ordinary Workplace Hazards, Or SHIELD and OSHA Aren't On Speaking Terms

  • After you've read Shield Has Paperwork For Everything you realize the exchange that Clint and Coulson have at the start of the story is the same one they had the night they got together.
  • After Steve catches Clint and Tony in a closet and Clint (purposely) gives him the impression it was because they were fooling around, Steve get's just a bit jealous. When Tony defends his (supposed) action with an impassioned speech about him deserving a lover he's also friends with (which is actually him talking about the man he's talking too) Steve tells him that he's right and more or less gives his blessing despite his own disappointment.
  • As soon as Natasha becomes aware of the rumors surrounding Tony and Clint she goes right to check on Coulson.
  • After Clint's disappearance everyone is huddled together trying desperately to figure out what is going on and what could've happened to him. No one is more distraught than Coulson.
  • Tony offers himself up as bait to get Clint back.
  • As soon as he's back, Coulson shows Clint just how much he's missed him.

Four (Or Five) Reasons for Kidnapping Tony Stark

  • Steve is willing to indulge Tony with conversation when he calls from Turkey at 2:00am New York time.
    • He also picks up on Tony's hint immediately and wastes no time assembling the Avengers. Every member of the team is seen rushing out of bed, getting their gear on and hurrying to the jet to get to Turkey as fast as possible.
  • Tony warns the barista to get down before he's attacked.
  • Fury warns Coulson they will have a talk about his loyalties when he returns from the mission. Thor defends him thusly:
    “The Son of Coul,” he said, his voice very soft and very cold, “is a man of honor and loyalty. It is his loyalty to the Avengers that makes one such as I, so far from home, comfortable here. I pray this not be held against him, or I should be most irate.”
  • At the Hydra base that Tony is taken to, he wastes no time in recruiting the captured scientists there in a coup. When the Avengers encounter them, this is what Tony told them to give to SHIELD:
    “To whom it may concern,

    The undersigned, Jodi Chang, is an American citizen held against her will in a Hydra facility. For her assistance in escaping and helping her fellows escape captivity, she has been promised a job with Stark Industries in a position befitting her education and experience. Stark Industries will waive right of first claim to this employee provided that SHIELD chooses to employ her at a comparable position and rate of pay.

    “Normal relocation stipend, benefits package and hiring bonus does apply to this hiring situation. The 'Holy fuck we escaped the evil lair' party will be financed solely by Tony Stark, not Stark Industries, and will be scheduled after the debrief. There will be an open bar and a vegetarian menu option.”
  • When the Avengers are given evidence to suggest that Tony is dead, they refuse to leave until they find him and bring him home.
    • While they're still searching, Natasha wakes Steve from a nightmare and holds him as they both break down.
  • The aliens that were watching Tony capture a surprisingly tender moment wherein Steve puts Tony to bed after he's conked out.
  • The talk the boys have before their Big Damn Kiss. Steve is lamenting the fact he didn't rescue Tony. Tony counters with this:
    “Robert Burns,” he said, as if that made any sense at all.

    Steve gave him a sideways glance. “Do you have a head injury, Tony?” [...]

    “No, no, see-” [...] "It's like when we're playing Trivial Pursuit, and do you think it's weird that it is always, ALWAYS Thor who insists on us playing Trivial Pursuit, when he stands no chance whatsoever at winning? I mean, there are a thousand games in this world, and he wants to play the one that-”

    “Tony,” Steve said, grinning at him, because he'd missed that babble. Warm and real and honest, Tony just saying whatever crossed his mind, before it even could cross his mind. “What are you talking about?”

    “Nothing, never mind.” [...] “But remember what Hawkeye said? When the cards ask any questions about a Scottish poet?”

    “The answer is always Robbie Burns?” Steve said.

    “Yes.” [...]

    Some of his confusion must've bled out into his face, because Tony's grin softened, warmed. “It's always you. The answer,” he said, spreading his hands, and wincing just a tiny bit, “the answer is always, forever, you. Who saved me, who was waiting for me, who I fought my way back to, who I came home to-” He reached out and tapped Steve in the middle of his chest, right in the center of the white star, right where Dr. Erskine had tapped him, what felt like a lifetime ago. “It's always you.”
  • When everyone's driving back to Stark tower, Tony is irritated by the fact that they are driving very slow, and they've positioned him in the middle of the rest of them with Thor watching the skies, all in the hopes of heading off any further kidnapping attempts.

Dating The Long Way 'Round

  • Pepper, Natasha and Darcy all getting the boys ready for their date.
  • Rhodey's misguided but well-meant attempt to protect his best friend.
  • Even if he still ends up coming along anyway, Steve's efforts to get Spiderman to go home because it's obvious there's a kid under his mask.
  • The warm greeting and hug that Kitty Pride gives Spiderman upon their meeting.
  • The protection Frigga gave Clint in Hollow Your Bones pays off when the attack that renders the rest of the inhabitants of the tower unconscious fails to work on him.
  • The boys consummate their relationship after clearing up a few things.
  • Tony and Steve hand Spiderman an unlimited gift card for a comic store that can also function as a way for him and the Avengers to contact each other if he's needed or in trouble he can't handle. And Steve really wanted to get him a scholarship and send him to Indiana, and Tony had to talk him out of adopting the kid.

Things Unseen That Are Captured On Film

  • Rhodey giving Steve pointers on how to understand and deal with Tony's crazy.
  • Tony has a whole dossier of engineering improvements he can make to each member of his team's equipment. Pages on Steve's bike, Clint's gloves, bows and arrows, various weapons for Natasha and fabric that's force and bullet resistant but easy for her to move in, materials that can withstand the Hulk for Bruce, and equipment that can survive blunt force, gale force winds and lightning for Thor.
  • Tony secretly heads out to play Legos with little kid engineers at a local college. It's as adorable as it sounds.
    • At the end of the story, EVERY Avenger is there on Lego night, and Nick Fury apparently looks surprisingly good in the Boss/Pirate hat.
  • Pepper introduces Steve to Howard Stark's old collection so he can understand what it was like for Tony to grow up in Steve's shadow and gives Steve a surprisingly intimidating hurt him and I'll hurt you speech.
    “And if you screw him over, Steve? If you deliberately, and with malice aforethought, fuck him over? I will cut a bitch, and the bitch is you. I will make you bleed. I will castrate you with your own shield. I will do this thing, because I can, and because it needs doing.” She leaned in, her chin leading the way, her eyes throwing off sparks in the light of the nearby cabinets. “Do we understand one another, Captain?”
    • Steve tells Tony about this and while the moment becomes awkward, when Steve says he should've just been left at the bottom of the ocean, Tony immediately forbids him from saying that, or anything like that, again.