Awesome / The Toasterverse

Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore

  • Tony accidentally creates a sentient toaster.
  • When given the job of sweeping up, Tony essentially goes 'fuck that' and orders over fifty Roombas, which he then bequeaths AIs, which leads to them more or less taking over the house.
    • This comes in handy when the supervillian of the week, who's turned himself into an almost intangible dust monster, is defeated by Tony's squad of (now flying) Roombas.
  • Steve tries to get into to Tony's workshop for an hour after Tony suffers a Heroic B.S.O.D., even trying Fury's access codes. When none of that works, he goes upstairs, get's his shield, and uses that to break through the glass wall.

Ordinary Workplace Hazards, Or SHIELD and OSHA Aren't On Speaking Terms

  • Clint's proficiency in the vents is as awesome as it is ridiculous.
  • Tony and Clint figuring out how to send a message to the outside world from Bartonia.

Four (Or Five) Reasons For Kidnapping Tony Stark

  • Though he is eventually rendered unconscious, Tony manages to hold his own in a fight with his kidnappers sans suit before they eventually get him still enough to stick him with a needle.
  • The second they even suspect one of their own has been attacked, the Avengers are ready to go. And none of them will hear anything from Fury about them not being personally involved with the rescue effort.
  • Before Tony is taken by Hydra, he escapes his bonds and sets up a massive domino effect involving his captors' trucks, a chain, and a long line of metal shelves.
    • Relatedly, Clint's Badass Boast that they'll find Tony by looking for the trail of destruction he leaves of his kidnappers. This is both awesome and Hilarious in Hindsight post Iron Man 3, where we see Tony take down a house of bad guys with entirely improvised tools.
  • Credit where credit's due, Howard Stark's creating what was functionally a tracker long before such a thing was supposed to be possible is pretty impressive.
  • Upon arriving at the bad guys' base, Tony wastes no time recruiting the other captive scientists for an effective coup.
    • Special mention goes to Harris, scifigirl's OC, who has no known prior experience with danger or heroics but still manages to hold it together enough to get everybody else out and get Tony close enough to the missiles for him to start work on taking them out.
  • Tony manages to beat Justin Hammer by monologuing. However, it's unclear if that's because of awesomeness on Tony's part or the severe lack thereof on Hammer's part.
  • The Avenger's storming of the Hydra base and rescue of the liberated scientists.
  • Tony's reunion with the other Avengers, in the middle of a giant robot bug infestation of New York, is undeniably this.
    • Which leads, of course, to the Big Damn Kiss that readers had been looking forward to since Some Things Shouldn't Be a Chore.
  • Apparently, the cube that Tony brought home from Bartonia was a sort of alien offer of profound technical knowledge. He is the first to have ever turned down its gifts.
  • Barton gets one here for cutting Tony and Steve's efforts to explain away their kiss off at the pass, and more or less threatens them in to dating, then leaves them alone to have some fun before the others show up.
    • Banner won the pool, apparently.

Dating The Long Way Round

Our first special guest star enters by swinging in and pulling a Big Damn Heroes moment by killing an ice monster. Nice way to make an entrance!