Heartwarming / The Three Musketeers (1993)

  • After Aramis is shot, Porthos and Athos rush to his side. Frantically, they check to make sure he's alright. The cross around his neck stopped the bullet. He looks to the ceiling and says, with relief, "See? There is a God!"
  • When at the end D'tartagnan finally accomplishes his dream and becomes a Musketeer, and gets some kissy faced loving from Constance. He certainly earned it.
  • The entire Musketeer corps cheering as D'Artagnan and Constance kiss.
  • Watch carefully and you'll notice that Porthos and Aramis clash swords before or after something dangerous, as if they were high-fiving.
  • Poor Anne is in an arranged marriage with a man she'd never met before the wedding, in a foreign country, with what seems like a lady's maid as her only friend. Louis is in the same arranged marriage boat, and on top of that has no idea how to talk to women, despite really wanting to impress Anne. They genuinely love each other by the end of the film, where Louis, knowing that the Cardinal is plotting against him, promises that whatever they do, they'll do it together.