Heartwarming / The Quest of the Unaligned

  • Laeshana when Alaric asks why she gave him the light magic instead of trying to get him to give it to her.
    "I couldn't risk anything happening to you, Alaric. You come first. You've always come first."
  • And then Alaric returns the favor by transforming Laeshana into an orah.
    Alaric: "Laeshana, I give you light!"
  • A remarkably subtle one after Deshamai, who had mindbent Alaric earlier in the story, speaks out in defense of Laeshana in front of the whole court, and wins their support for Alaric's plans.
    The shamai looked up, and his deep blue eyes met Alaric's green ones. Understanding passed between the two of them—The score was settled, the debts were paid. A cloud lifted from Deshamai's face. He bowed slightly, Alaric nodded in gratitude.
  • A bit Fridge Logic-y, but there is a great line in the scene right after the fire-spiders. When Ruahkini shows up and starts babbling, Alaric thinks to himself "[[I]] had forgotten how aggravating it is to be a participant in a conversation with someone who is insane." Becomes Fridge Heartwarming when you realize that that means he thinks of Laeshana and Nahruahn as sane, despite their belief in magic.