Awesome / The Quest of the Unaligned

  • Nahruahn challenging Gaithim to a duel of power.
  • Alaric's response to Nahruahn's heroism:
    "I've never seen a man in Caederan go so far above and beyond the call of duty in the face of mortal danger. In light of that, I take it upon myself as a certified security chief of Tonzimmiel to award you an honorary level one appointment, with all the privileges and honors that go with it."
    "These weren't very much, mostly free beers at some of the smaller bars, but Nahruahn didn't need to know that."
  • Alaric learning earth magic in about fifteen seconds because he needed it to save Nahruahn.
  • Laeshana trying to challenge Ruahkini to a duel of power. Though he's able to back out of it and escape, there's a brief moment where he's terrified, and he flees rather than fight. This noble, the royal steward of Caederan, is terrified of a peasant girl half his age who has already almost worn herself out fighting fire-spiders.
  • Alaric and Laeshana together fight there way through a cave tunnel infested with 500+ fire-spiders (which, as you might guess, shoot flaming webs).
  • Alaric killing a dragon with absolutely no magic. Word of God tells the tale of Relnar, a full unaligned prince who fought a dragon and was injured and crippled for life.
  • Alaric fights Gaithim, a hoshek, and wins. To provide further context, the last time a hoshek was created it took down half the country before finally being destroyed, Gaithim has just annihilated the second-most powerful ruahk in the world, and Alaric has only been able to use magic for about a week, most of which he spent being inundated in socialites.
  • Deshamai's speech to the Court. Not just because it's an awesome speech in and of itself, but because of who is giving it. Deshamai is probably the staunchest, most hidebound traditionalist in Caederan, and he is advocating in favor of letting the Crown Prince marry a peasant, and the same prince's plans to radically renovate Caederan's social structure.
  • Alaric using the Prince's Crown to transform Laeshana into an orah.
  • After becoming an orah Alaric manages to combine the magics of two different elements, something even Laeshana thought was impossible.