Funny / The Quest of the Unaligned

  • "Badgers."
  • After Nahruahan gives a speech eleven lines long, consisting of a single sentence:
    Alaric stared. How had the boy managed that entire last sentence in one breath?
  • "It was impossible. Dragons weren't real. Except that he was staring at one right now."
  • "Alaric could just imagine the new line in his resume—Saved old woman's life by carrying badgers up a hill in a rainstorm."
  • After Alaric turns Laeshana into an orah and tells the entire court he's going to marry her.
    Nahruahn: "Great! I knew you were going to get married! Can I teach your kids how to pop?"
  • Karetzina's six badgers: Diamond, Jasper, Opal, Beryl, Amber, and Lord Broccoli. Three guesses which one was named by her youngest nephew.
  • It Makes Sense in Context:
    Nahruahn: I held out my hand and with a deep voice declared, ‘Pigs! Arise!’”
  • Nahruahn and Alaric's conversation right after Laeshana knocks herself out with fire magic
    Alaric:: "Nahruahn. She needs an aretz."
    Nahruahn:: "You're right, Your Highness."
    Alaric:: "And we're not likely to find one on this mountain."
    Nahruahn:: "Probably not." The boy nodded as if Alaric had just stated a profound universal truth.
    Alaric:: "Which means you need to take us somewhere that's not on this mountain. As quickly as possible."
  • After the coronation and Laeshana's transformation into an orah, they returned to Brightflower. According to Alaric: "Karetzina was certainly surprised to see Laeshana with her new orah powers. She didn’t believe that it was real until Laeshana popped her badgers across the room. It was hilarious."
  • Laeshana is in the middle of explaining a world-shaking revelation.
    Laeshana:: "...But if someone were able to get outside the [Balance]..."
    Alaric:: "The table would break and the magic liquid would spill out all over the floor."