Heartwarming / The Monkees

  • Mike's speech at the end of "The Devil and Peter Tork" is touching, especially to those tropers who are musicians themselves.
    Mike: And if you love music, than you can play music. And all it takes is just love, because eh, because baby, in the final analysis love is power. That's where the power's at!
  • In "I've Got A Little Song Here", Mike is scammed by a shady music producer; once he finds out about the scam, he sequesters himself in his bedroom to mope. The other Monkees take turns trying to cheer him up in a quiet moment that is both heartwarming and hysterical:
    Davy: "Mike, you wanna go bowling?"
    Mike (offscreen, morose): "No."
    Micky: "Mike, you wanna go swimming?"
    Mike: "No."
    Peter: "Mike, you wanna go to the movies?"
    Mike: "What's playing?"
    (cue newspaper throw with bullseye to Peter's head)

    • Same episode: at the end, Mike gives half the money that the Monkees have scammed from the scammer to an aged songwriter who fell for the same scam.
    • Still the same episode: in the romp to "Gonna Buy Me A Dog", the blond, dimpled Peter Tork is surrounded by wiggling puppies and hugs them. All together now: "AWWWWWwwww!!!"
  • Many of the scenes in "Monkee Mother," but especially during the “Sometime in the Morning" sequence, when Millie daydreams about her younger self dancing with each of the boys as she listens to them play the song (one of the group's most beautiful numbers) for her.
  • In "Success Story": Davy's montage of memories with his bandmates, scored to "I Wanna Be Free", as he's facing being forced back to England by his grandfather.
    • Same episode: the "goodbye" sequence:
      Davy:: The cab's waiting. I have to go. I — I hate goodbyes.
      Micky: Well...welcome to America, Davy.
      Peter (handing Davy a parachute): That's in case he changes his mind on the plane.
    • For that matter, just this whole episode!
  • In Real Life, after the untimely death of Davy Jones, the remaining Monkees all gave moving tributes. Also they agreed not to attend his private funeral on the wishes of Jones' family in order not to turn it into a media spectacle.
  • Watch the videos from their 2016 album, "Good Times". Both videos ("She Makes Me Laugh" and "You Bring The Summer") are animated, showing the group as they were in their heyday...and thus allowing Davy Jones to still be with them. It's hard to watch "Summer" especially, and not tear up.