Heartwarming / The Flash

  • In The Flash Crossfire: Goldface, a former villain, shows up as a Union man. He claims to stick up for the fellow man, but despite his super powers, he bails on Wally, when the current Rogues begin beating him. Blacksmith then reveals her army of Henchmen and claims they will take the city. They are then stopped when Goldface comes back, leading all of the workers and citizens of the town against the villains. When Blacksmith runs to central (where more henchmen are located), Goldface reveals that the white collar businessmen have taken up arms as well and standing up.
    • Seeing her plans failed, and cornered on the bridge between cities, Blacksmith tries to make the bridge collapse, only to be stopped by Wally who reads up on bridge building, and repairs (and improves) the bridge all under a minute. The bridge now represents the union of the two cities, together in the face of danger.
      Flash: You did good Goldface.
      Goldface: We both did.
  • The fact that the "lightning rods" for all of The Flashes (their "tethers", the thoughts and memories that keep them from losing themselves in the Speed Force) are their friends and family.
  • In the New 52, Captain Cold apologizes to the other Rogues for what happened when they tried to integrate their weapons into themselves.
  • In DC Rebirth,Barry and Wally, as in Pre-Flashpoint Wally, reunite. Cue Tears of Joy.
    • By extension, Titans: Rebirth #1 is a whole issue of heartwarming, as Wally sparks the memories of his former teammates and they remember him. Excuse me, I think I need a moment.
    • Also, in Flash: Rebirth, how Barry tells Wally that, no matter how reality got rewritten, he does no longer see him as a protégé, but as an equal to him. He reaffirms this in the Titans annual, when the rest of the JLA keeps calling the Titans "sidekicks" and "boys".
      Barry: I'm a Flash. You're a Flash. You've got nothing to prove in my eyes. You're not my protégé.
      Wally: But I am your legacy.
  • One for all heroes, but the fact that the Flash line have a museum dedicated to them is something nice. It really shows the impact of their legacy on the world around them, and that the people care about their actions.