Heartwarming / The Adventures of Superman

  • "Around The World With Superman" - Superman uses his powers to give a little girl back everything she has lost. He has moments that are more super, but rarely one in which he is more of a hero.
  • There's also the Season 1 episode, "The Birthday Letter", where Superman gives a little girl stricken with polio a flight around Metropolis. The people's reactions and the girl giving Supes a kiss on the cheek solidified this already heartwarming moment.
  • Perry's You Called Me "X"; It Must Be Serious moment with Jimmy during "The Evil Three".
    Jimmy sees the "ghost".
    Jimmy: Chief! Chief!
    Perry enters and puts a hand on him.
    Jimmy: Get away from me!
    Perry: Jim! Jim, what's the matter?
  • In "Tomb of Zaharan", Lois and Jimmy are missing and possibly in trouble (again). Perry is taking the investigation a little too slow for Clark. When Perry tries to stop him, Clark snaps, "Now you listen to me, Chief. Lois and Jimmy mean a lot more to me than any anniversary edition!" and races out of the room. Granted, he may have been a bit hard on Perry, but it's still adorable.
  • And of course in the first episode when Mama Kent reveals she made Superman's costume out of the material she found him in! No wonder he's never worn another.