Heartwarming / Star Trek: The Animated Series

  • In "Albatross", Spock breaks McCoy out of prison to find a cure for a disease which is killing the Enterprise crew. The Vulcan reminds him that if he goes and fails, he will also die. Bones' response? "I'm a doctor, Spock. A doctor. Get us beamed aboard!" Not since "The Empath" has one of McCoy's reminders about his profession been so heart-meltingly awesome.
    • As is his joy and relief when he finally gets proof that he didn't inadvertantly cause the previous plague.
  • In "The Pirates of Orion", McCoy's attitude around the terminally ill Spock.
  • Thelin and Spock's conversation in "Yesteryear":
    Spock: Andorians are not known for their charity.
    Thelin: True. A warrior race has few sympathies, but one we do possess is for family. In your time plane, you will live and so will your mother. That is valuable. [gives Spock the Vulcan salute] Live long and prosper in your world, Commander Spock.
    Spock: [returning the gesture] And you in yours, Commander Thelin.
  • Behind the scenes, Leonard Nimoy dug his heels on returning to the role of Mr. Spock. Not because of any antipathy to the character, but because Filmation (a notoriously budget-conscious company) didn't want to hire on George Takei, Nichelle Nichols or Walter Koenig note . Nimoy essentially told Filmation "If you don't get Sulu, Uhura and Chekov, you don't get Spock." In the end, Filmation and Nimoy came to a compromise. Takei and Nichols were hired, and Koenig was guaranteed an option on a script for the series, eventually turning in the episode "The Infinite Vulcan".