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Heartwarming: Shallow Hal
  • Cadence, when Hal's whammy has been removed and he can see that she was actually the Littlest Burn Victim.
  • Rene Kirby, who plays Hal's friend Walt, is a literal walking Crowning Moment of Heartwarming. Despite spina bifida forcing him to walk everywhere on all fours (which is also true for the actor), Walt is seen as happier and more successful than pretty much everyone in the movie and takes his handicap in stride; when asked why he needs rubber gloves to go to the bathroom during a road trip, he simply replies, "You ever walked through a truck-stop men's room on your hands?" His humor and personality also means he does quite well for himself with the ladies.
  • The transgender hostess. Hal not only sees her as beautiful, but as the pretty girl she is inside.
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