Fridge / Shallow Hal

Fridge Logic
  • The hypnosis didn't just make Hal appreciate inner beauty, it gave him psychic powers. He can determine a person's personality from across the room, instantly, without even speaking to them.

Fridge Horror
  • Even though the whole moral is to accept people as they are, Rosemary would likely die relatively soon after the ending of this film.
  • What would happen if a plastic surgeon underwent the same hypnotic treatment, with the same effects on his perception? Sooner or later, he would find himself in a situation where he is incapable to complete (or even start) an operation because he is incapable to see an aesthetical flaw. For example, even with the appropriate medical knowledge, he would be incapable to implant new, healthy skin to the burn victim children we saw in the movie, because he would not perceive their current skin as burned, scarred or injured in any way. Something even worse would happen if an average-looking person with a horrible personality came to him for a retouch. He would perceive that person as horribly deformed, and, in order to give the desired look to that person, he would attempt to correct deformities that are not there. But what would he perceive, as he proceeds with his tragically misguided operation? His perception would not be modified in response to what he actually does, because altering the physical look of a person does not alter their personality (especially, not if they are under general anesthesia). To him, those (non-existent) deformities would always be there, no matter what he attempts to do to fix them. At that point, he might realize that his perception is altered and would request to be replaced. But if he does not, he would persist in his misguided attempts, either until another doctor in the operating room realizes what is going on and replaces him before he makes unrepairable mistakes, or until he actually makes an unrepairable mistake and is either sued or arrested for injuring a patient. He might even end his days into the psychiatric ward of a hospital, because what he perceives are, by definition, hallucinations.