Heartwarming / Scrooged

  • Put a little love in your heart!
  • It was a small moment but, I liked it when Cross tried to protect Grace from the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.
  • "God bless us, everyone."
    "For a couple of hours out of the whole year, we are the people we always hoped we would be."
    • Everyone, even the three ghosts (plus Herman and Lew) celebrating near the end of the movie. Even the ghouls inside the Ghost of Christmas Future's robes can be seen partying with the rest, happily singing and enjoying Christmas candies no less.
  • When Frank is visiting his brother, having a small get together with friends (that he was invited to but declined). While he's initially cynical as ever ("It looks like a beer commercial"), he is genuinely touched (and regretful) when he hears his sister-in-law ask James when he's going to learn that Frank will never change and James just shrugs: "Well, never; he's my brother."
  • When Frank berates Herman for dying because he should have stayed at Operation Reachout. Also counts one of the films biggest tearjerkers.
    • Also because it partly counts as him beginning to realize that his own life sucks without Claire and the speech is just as relevant to him. The Ghost of Christmas Future drives the point home, but the seeds are sown right there.
    Frank: You moron! You jerk! Why didn't you stay at Claire's? Why didn't you stay with Claire?! She would have taken care of you; you would've eaten, you would've been warm! You might be alive! You'd be a prettier color, I can tell you that!!